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At Royal Canin, we believe the secret to providing cats and dogs with the best nutrition lies not in any passing fad, but in well-researched scientific fact. That’s why we always use a purely scientific approach to create diets designed to cater to the specific needs of pets of all shapes, sizes, ages, lifestyles and breeds.

From the time they’re born until they’re well into their golden years, dogs’ nutritional needs are constantly changing, and we believe their food should, too. That’s why we offer a full line of products designed for dogs at every life stage. 

From the time they’re kittens until they’re mature, cats’ nutritional needs are constantly changing, and we believe their food should, too. Your cat’s health matters, and that’s why we offer a full line of nutrition designed for every life stage. 

ROYAL CANIN® PROFESSIONAL products are specifically formulated to meet the needs of the breeding kennel and cattery.  Our innovative science-based solutions are the result of our 40-year collaboration and partnership with breeders across the globe.

As a company that was founded by a veterinarian, Royal Canin is committed to investing in the veterinary community.

Royal Canin is a global leader in pet health nutrition. In an industry that continues to adapt to popular trends in cat and dog food, our mission will remain the same; to constantly bring, through Health Nutrition and shared knowledge, the most precise nutritional solution for cats’ and dogs’ health nutrition needs, by building on constantly deepened scientific knowledge and Royal Canin’s roots in the feline and canine professional networks. 

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Think a Dog’s Mouth is Cleaner Than a Human’s?

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The GREENIES® Brand Team Helps to Demystify Common Misunderstandings about Pet Oral Health

Think a Dog’s Mouth is Cleaner Than a Human’s? Think Again.


NASHVILLE, TN—January 16, 2012— Adog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s. A pet’s saliva can miraculously curehuman cuts and scrapes. These are common beliefs held by pet owners,according to a new study commissioned by The GREENIES® Brand, makers of the #1vet-recommended pet specialty dental chews and treats1. Butveterinary dental experts urge pet owners not to believe so quickly, as many ofthese beliefs aren’t necessarily true.   

Among the mostcommonly held beliefs, the study found that almost half of pet owners believethat dogs’ mouths are cleaner than a human’s and that any type of chewing isgood for a dog’s teeth. It also found that about 40 percent think it is normalfor their pets to have stinky breath. About one-third of pet owners believethat a dog’s saliva can help cure human wounds2.

“There is a lot of misinformationout there regarding a pet’s oral health,” said veterinary dental expert Dr. JanBellows, incoming president of the American Veterinary Dental College. “Dogs’mouths are certainly not cleaner than a human’s. Dogs often carry a variety of germs and bacteria in their mouths thatstem from buildup of plaque and tartar that can potentially make humans sickthrough contact with saliva. Many pet owners also believe that any typeof chewing is good for their dogs, but tooth fractures are a common occurrencein pets because teeth can only withstand a certain amount of pressure from hardobjects before they break. Pets chewing on inflexible items like bones, icecubes or nylon toys are often in danger of tooth breakage. And while smellybreath in pets is common, pet owners who believe this is normal may be missingthe signs of poor oral health or potential dental disease.”

A healthy mouth is essential to theoverall wellbeing of pets, but misguided information about pet oral health canaffect more than just our pets’ mouths. For proper pet oral health,veterinarians advise daily brushing or giving Veterinary Oral Health Council(VOHC) approved dental treats, and at least annual oral exams by a veterinarianwith professional cleanings as recommended.

“Pet owners who are knowledgeableabout their furry companions’ oral health will avoid the pitfalls ofcommonly-held myths and enable the best care for everyone’s wellbeing,” saidDr. Bellows.

To learn more about the factualinformation behind these commonly accepted pet oral health myths and howGREENIES® Dental Chews and Treats work to keep pets’ mouths healthy,


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1 Amongveterinarians that recommend dental chews/treats for at home oral care

2 Oral Myths Study 982 Pet Owners, November2011, Conducted by Trone® Research


* Natural fortified with added vitamins, minerals andother trace nutrients

** Among veterinarians that recommend dental chews/treatsfor at home oral care


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