Corporate Responsibility

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People, Planet, Performance

Field of wheatRoyal Canin was founded on the principles of knowledge and respect. And while we mostly apply those qualities to pets and pet food, our approach certainly doesn’t stop there. We’re dedicated citizens who are committed to conducting our business with quality control, social responsibility and environmental friendliness in mind. Because it is only with these ideas at heart that we can treat our people, planet and performance with the respect each deserves.


To ensure a favorable, positive work environment, Royal Canin focuses on the safety and growth of our associates. We encourage development and diversity within our teams and a “team before the individual” approach – a key value that contributes to our success.
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By using sustainable raw materials and implementing new packaging methods, employing green technologies and committing to aggressive corporate environmental policies, Royal Canin is on pace to reduce gas, electricity and water consumption by at least 3% per year and generate zero landfill waste by the end of 2015.


By working very closely with our suppliers and incorporating the highest standards of quality, Royal Canin is able to consistently focus on optimizing our performance and effectiveness.
We audit our suppliers regularly to ensure that our pet foods’ safety, traceability and quality standards are properly met. And each ROYAL CANIN® factory is held to the same manufacturing standards. By being ever more demanding, we ensure optimum quality and safety for pets.

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