Harley's Mom

My Miniature Schnauzer was constantly going to the Vet for urinary tract infections... almost every month or two... this was a severe problem.
When my Vet recommended Royal Canin Veterinary Diet® Canine Urinary SO® Moderate Calorie dry dog food, I started her on it immediately!!
AMAZINGLY!!! - what WAS immediate, were the RESULTS.
She not only enjoyed the food, she has not had one visit to the Vet for a urinary tract infection since the first day she started on Royal Canin... and it's been over two years now. Another bonus, she has kept her girly figure.. nice and lean (which is so important for miniature schnauzers).
Another bonus I didn't expect, she is now drinking what I consider a normal, healthy amount of water. Before Royal Canin, I could barely get her to drink more than a quarter cup of water daily. Hearing her lap up the water makes me thank Royal Canin every day for a much healthier dog.