An important message regarding product availability

ROYAL CANIN® has experienced incredible growth in demand for our products at a time when a broader global crisis is putting additional strain on all of us. And while we have made a number of improvements, we recognize that we are still not back to providing the kind of service levels and product predictability we know you expect.

We’ve taken important actions such as substantial investment in production capability and accessing product for Canada from our European operations, but like many manufacturers in almost every industry, we are still feeling the effects of global supply chain constraints that fall outside of our control. Nevertheless, we’re working with our manufacturing facilities, our distributors, retailers and veterinary partners to do the best we can for you and your pets in these trying circumstances.  

We will continue prioritizing the diets we believe are most critical to the health and wellbeing of pets for the time being, and as a result you may continue to experience intermittent purchasing issues on certain products in the near term.  However, please be assured that our team is focused on the health and wellbeing of your pet, and despite ongoing challenges, we are available and ready to help provide the best possible advice for your pet as we collectively navigate this unique period. If the diet you are seeking becomes unavailable and you need an alternative diet recommendation, please consult the lists below or use the Contact Us section of this website to reach our Consumer Care team via Live Chat or through our Webform.  Note that for guidance around alternative Veterinary diets, please contact your veterinarian directly.

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A note on product imported from Europe.

As announced last fall, we are working to improve availability of our most in-demand formulas by sourcing product from our European operations.

While the nutritional profiles on these diets will remain consistent, you may notice some slight ingredient variations within the formulas themselves. However, it is important to note that nutritional indications and product performance remain unchanged. Updated formulas may, in some cases, require pet transition, and as such we have provided guidance on which diets REQUIRE transition, or where transition is RECOMMENDED for your individual pet.   

Canine Satiety Support
Canine Hydrolyzed Protein HP
Canine Gastrointestinal Low Fat
Canine Urinary SO
Feline Urinary SO
Feline Urinary SO Moderate Calorie
Golden Retriever Adult
German Shepherd Adult
Labrador Retriever Adult
Feline Oral Care Adult
Feline Urinary Care Adult


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