Faible teneur en cuivre pour aider à minimiser son accumulat ion dans les cellules du foie.

Une teneur énergét ique adapt ée afin de réduire le volume aliment aire et la charge int est inale.

Faible teneur en cuivre pour aider à minimiser son accumulat ion dans les cellules du foie.

Nourriture thérapeutique pour chiens adultes

Travailler pour un avenir durable

Nous pensons que les animaux de compagnie rendent notre monde meilleur. Cette conviction nous inspire et donne vie à notre objectif de créer UN MONDE MEILLEUR POUR LES ANIMAUX DE COMPAGNIE™.

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Labrador retriever adulte assis avec son maître à l'extérieur

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Brisure de riz, maïs, riz brun, isolat protéique de soja, gras de poulet, pulpe de betterave ordinaire séchée, arômes naturels, huile végétale, chlorure de potassium, carbonate de calcium, phosphate monocalcique, huile de poisson, DL-méthionine, fructooligosaccharides, L-lysine, chlorure de choline, taurine, sel, oligoéléments [protéinate de zinc, sulfate ferreux, oxyde manganeux, sélénite de sodium, iodate de calcium], vitamines [acétate de DL-alpha-tocophérol (source de vitamine E), L-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate (source de vitamine C), biotine, D-pantothénate de calcium, acétate de vitamine A, supplément de niacine, chlorhydrate de pyridoxine (vitamine B6), mononitrate de thiamine (vitamine B1), supplément de vitamine B12, supplément de riboflavine, supplément de vitamine D3, acide folique, complexe de bisulfite de sodium et de ménadione], extrait de rose d’Inde (Tagetes erectaL.), L-carnitine, oxyde de magnésium, extrait de romarin, conservé avec un mélange de tocophérols et d’acide citrique.

Calorie Content

Cette nourriture contient 3761 kilocalories d’énergie métabolisable (EM) par kilogramme ou 323 kilocalories EM par tasse de nourriture donnée (calculée).

Protéines brutes (min)14,0%
Matières grasses brutes (min)14,0%
Fibres brutes (max)3,9%
Humidité (max)10,0%
Acide eicosapentaénoïque + docosahexaénoïque (AEP + ADH) (min)0,12%
Cuivre (max)6mg/kg
Vitamine E (min)350UI/kg
Acide ascorbique* (min)230mg/kg. * Non reconnu comme un nutriment essentiel dans le profil nutritionnel des aliments pour chiens de l’AAFCO.

*Non reconnu comme un nutriment essentiel dans le profil nutritionnel des aliments pour chiens de l'AAFCO.

Alimentation en croquettes

Poids du chien Activité modérée Activité moyenne
4.4 lb (2 kg) 1/2 tasse (47 g) 5/8 tasse (53 g)
6.6 lb (3 kg) 3/4 tasse (64 g) 7/8 tasse (72 g)
8.8 lb (4 kg) 7/8 tasse (79 g) 1 tasses (90 g)
11 lb (5 kg) 1 1/8 tasses (97 g) 1 1/4 tasses (112 g)
13 lb (6 kg) 1 1/4 tasses (107 g) 1 3/8 tasses (122 g)
18 lb (8 kg) 1 1/2 tasses (133 g) 1 3/4 tasses (151 g)
22 lb (10 kg) 1 7/8 tasses (157 g) 2 1/8 tasses (179 g)
26 lb (12 kg) 2 1/8 tasses (180 g) 2 3/8 tasses (205 g)
35 lb (16 kg) 2 5/8 tasses (224 g) 3 tasses (254 g)
44 lb (20 kg) 3 tasses (264 g) 3 1/2 tasses (300 g)
55 lb (25 kg) 3 5/8 tasses (312 g) 4 1/8 tasses (355 g)
66 lb (30 kg) 4 1/8 tasses (358 g) 4 3/4 tasses (407 g)
77 lb (35 kg) 4 5/8 tasses (402 g) 5 1/4 tasses (457 g)
88 lb (40 kg) 5 1/8 tasses (444 g) 5 7/8 tasses (505 g)
110 lb (50 kg) 6 1/8 tasses (525 g) 6 7/8 tasses (597 g)

Alimentation mixte

Poids Conserve + Poids idéal Maigre/th>
4.4 lb (2 kg) 1/4 conserve + 1/8 tasse (8 g) 1/8 tasse (14 g)
6.6 lb (3 kg) 1/4 conserve + 1/4 tasse (25 g) 3/8 tasse (33 g)
8.8 lb (4 kg) 1/4 conserve + 1/2 tasse (40 g) 5/8 tasse (51 g)
11 lb (5 kg) 1/4 conserve + 5/8 tasse (54 g) 3/4 tasse (67 g)
13 lb (6 kg) 1/4 conserve + 3/4 tasse (68 g) 1 tasse (83 g)
22 lb (10 kg) 1/2 conserve + 7/8 tasse (79 g) 1 1/8 tasse (100 g)
26 lb (12 kg) 1/2 conserve + 1 1/8 tasse (102 g) 1 1/2 tasse (126 g)
35 lb (16 kg) 1/2 conserve + 1 5/8 tasse (145 g) 2 tasse (176 g)
44 lb (20 kg) 1/2 conserve + 2 1/8 tasse (186 g) 2 5/8 tasse (222 g)
55 lb (25 kg) 1 conserve + 1 3/4 tasse (156 g) 2 1/4 tasse (198 g)
66 lb (30 kg) 1 conserve + 2 3/8 tasse (202 g) 2 7/8 tasse (250 g)
77 lb (35 kg) 1 conserve + 2 7/8 tasse (246 g) 3 1/2 tasse (300 g)
88 lb (40 kg) 1 conserve + 3 3/8 tasse (288 g) 4 tasse (348 g)
99 lb (45 kg) 1 conserve + 3 3/4 tasse (329 g) 4 5/8 tasse (395 g)
110 lb (50 kg) 1 conserve + 4 1/4 tasse (369 g) 5 1/8 tasse (440 g)
121 lb (55 kg) 1 conserve + 4 3/4 tasse (408 g) 5 5/8 tasse (485 g)
132 lb (60 kg) 1 conserve + 5 1/8 tasse (446 g) 6 1/8 tasse (528 g)
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Hepatic Dry Dog Food

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Avis des clients

22 août 2023

Liver Shunts, Health Condition

VCA Aurora Animal Hospital, in IL recommended it as Sophi's 1st RX Food she wasn't eating to well. She has a hard time eating still as the kibble is Large and she only eats 1/2 cup daily, she only weighs 2.4 lbs., she's a Teacup Morkie. The food is Very Expensive too! Would like coupons, have yet to find any. Thank you
05 avr. 2023

Great food for a toy dog who gets bladder stones.

I bought this for my toy mini Schnauzer because he gets bladder stones easily and he is three years old and he has had four surgeries so far. It is in his DNA to get these bladder stones. I also have him on distilled water. I’m
28 oct. 2021

Awesome Food, and she Loves it!!

My dog loves this food and will eat it straight out of the bag. This actually is the only food that she is allowed to eat because of her Liver Disease and Copper Storage Disease, but fortunately, she really likes it!!
11 août 2021

Amazing for dogs with high liver enzymes

My dog since she was born had high liver enzymes,every year the vet says its getting worse and need to do something about it, I started looking for a different food and came upon the royal canin hepatic formula and I decided to try it, one year later her levels are NORMAL I highly recommend it wish they would make treats for this condition…
15 déc. 2020

10 years!

We have 2 Shih-Poos. When our oldest, now 11 was just a puppy our vet recommended this product. When our youngest came a few years later we also put her on this diet. There has never been an issue and the still enjoy their food. We started adding a few green beans to their diet as treats and they prefer them to other types of chewy treats! Obviously, this is a high quality food and it comes with a bit of a cost, but it keeps our pups healthy.
05 déc. 2020

Confusion about the feeding amount

Our 9 months old chihuahua puppy was diagnosed with a liver shunt. We had to choose between Royal Canin or Hills. We chose this, because of many good reviews from the chi owners whose dogs were also diagnosed with the same condition. When we checked for the feeding guide, on the package it was written 107 grams per day for a thin 5kg dogs. Ours is 1 kilo and that makes 21-22 grams per day. The first day we followed this calculation and dog was starving!! We checked other sources and found different amount given. Would like to know how the calculation is made? If our dog is 1 kg, does it make 21-22 grams or could be more actually? Right now we are giving around 25 and she's still hungry :( But otherwise, we are happy to finally see that there's food which our chi girl loves, because she's a picky eater, tried so many different foods that I can't count anymore!
27 nov. 2020

Life-changing for my dog

My dog has liver shunts and they are not able to do surgery because the location of them. He takes meds everyday but he will getting lethargic and having episodes. Once we started this food, he has been great. He is hungry all the time and has gained weight, but he is doing well. Thanks you Royal Canin!
18 févr. 2020

Decreased Kobe's ALT Liver Value!

Due to copper accumulation & gallbaldder sludge, Kobe was prescribed Royal Canin Hepatic. I feed both kibble & canned. Kobe has been on medication for his gallbladder & Denamarin for liver support since last April 2019 yet his liver values did not decrease. 3 months On Royal Canin & his ALT Liver value decreased from 282 to 130 - almost within normal limits. He is due for another ultrasound & biopsy in April. And he has increased energy!
02 nov. 2019

Great Food.

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I've been buying this food for 5 yrs for my chihuahua to keep his liver healthy.
31 oct. 2019

My Dogs Love It

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] My vet put 2 of my dogs on this food due to their elevated liver enzymes. They are both Shih Tzus, and 1 is 12 years old, the other is 7. The 12-year old gets a little of the canned Hepatic with the dry. They love the taste, and I feel better knowing that they're getting the best nutrition. The last time I had blood work done on the 12-year old, her numbers were great. Thank you for such a wonderful product for my precious babies!