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How puppies grow and how their brain develops?

During the first months of their life, your puppy undergoes amazing growth. Transforming from a tiny, fragile, furry ball with underdeveloped senses and nervous system into an energetic, focused and smart pup. Actually, “amazing growth” is probably an understatement.


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Did you know that a puppy normally gains 5-10% of its body weight every day for the first two weeks? That they’re born blind, with their eyes shut and external ear canals closed? That their hearing isn’t fully developed until they are eight weeks old but that once adult, they can hear frequencies up to two and a half times higher than human ears?

It’s simply mind blowing, not to say “brain” blowing because during this time, your puppy’s brain is also developing at an incredible pace and by the time they’re six-weeks-old, their brain will already be 70 % of the size of an adult dog’s brain.

Let’s take a closer look at this crucial period for puppies.

Studying puppies’ development during growth, we notice that tissue levels are increasing, and bones and muscles are developing to form the locomotor system (which gives them the ability to move). At the same time, their nervous system is maturing, allowing improved conversation between brain and body.

In the outside world, your puppy’s consciousness of their environment is growing as they start to explore and discover more and more. New people, new places, new tricks and new commands, they have a lot to assimilate and learn.

By 8-9 weeks of age, rapid learning occurs and you will want to increase stimulation, training and teaching your puppy everything they need to become well behaved and stress-free adult dogs.

But be mindful, because in order for this complex and rapid process to work, your puppy needs the right “fuel”. Some nutritional deficiencies can lead to problems such as poor vision and a reduction in your puppy’s learning abilities. That’s why making sure they have the right food for this specific stage of their lifeis the best way you can assist your puppy’s healthy growth and brain development.

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How can nutrition help?

A diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA in particular) is scientifically proven to help improve memory, hearing, vision, and helps to support brain development while also helping to make training and learning easier. In fact, research has concluded that puppies fed with a diet enriched in DHA were quicker at solving a problem than puppies fed a complete balanced diet which was not additionally enriched. Better smart than sorry, now is the best time to say yes to Omega-3!

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