80% achieved healthier weight *Royal Canin internal study


'WEIGHT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM 1. Providing complete & balanced nutrition across both our wet & dry formulas, enabling you to choose the perfect combination for your dog. 2. Get your dog active with walks, games in the park, or play at home. 3. Reward him with kibbles taken from his meal allowance, instead of snacks. 4.If you have any questions or concerns about your dog''s health, please contact your veterinarian. '


80% of slightly overweight dogs fed with Royal Canin Medium Light Weight Care achieved healthier weight in 8 weeks” *Royal Canin internal study


Adapted protein content to help maintain muscle mass for healthy weight maintenance. Enriched with L-carnitine.


Hunger-satisfying nutrition with a rich taste, formulated to help keep him fit.


Royal Canin supports the health of your dog by providing precise nutrition based on a true understanding of the dog’s specific needs and over 50 years of science and observation.

Suitable for dogs that weigh 11-25 kg, ROYAL CANIN® Medium Light Weight Care is a nutritionally balanced diet for medium-sized dogs prone to weight gain. ROYAL CANIN® Medium Light Weight Care is formulated with high quality, highly digestible digestible proteins to balance calories and fat and help your dog maintain a healthy muscle mass. To help regulate your dog’s appetite and stimulate the feeling of fullness after meals, ROYAL CANIN® Medium Light Weight Care contains an ideal balance of soluble and insoluble fibres, including psyllium. ROYAL CANIN® Medium Light Weight Care has a rich and palatable taste to help satisfy your dog’s appetite. It also provides balanced nutrition to help keep them fit and healthy. When tested in a Royal Canin internal study, 88% of the slightly overweight dogs participating achieved a healthier weight after eating ROYAL CANIN® Medium Light Weight Care for just 8 weeks. ROYAL CANIN® Light Weight Care is also available as a wet food product with a loaf-like texture. If your dog enjoys a mixed diet of wet and dry food, be sure to reference the on-pack feeding guides to provide the right portions for optimal wellbeing.

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Low activity-Normal activity-High activity-
Dog's weightKibbles OnlyKibbles + 1 pouchKibbles OnlyKibbles + 1 pouchKibbles OnlyKibbles + 1 pouch
11 kg 149 g (1+7/8 cups)129 g (1+5/8 cups)191 g (2+3/8 cups)171 g (2+1/8 cups)221 g (2+6/8 cups)202 g (2+4/8 cups)
15 kg188 g (2+3/8 cups)168 g (2+1/8 cups)241 g (3 cups)222 g (2+6/8 cups)279 g (3+4/8 cups)260 g (3+2/8 cups)
20 kg233 g (3 cups)213 g (2+6/8 cups)299 g (3+6/8 cups)280 g (3+4/8 cups)347 g (4+3/8 cups)327 g (4+1/8 cups)
25 kg275 g (3+4/8 cups)256 g (3+2/8 cups)354 g (4+4/8 cups)334 g (4+2/8 cups)410 g (5+1/8 cups)390 g (4+7/8 cups)

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