Hjælp katte og hunde med at leve et sundere liv.

Healthy ageing support

Developed to support healthy ageing in large breed dogs. Contains EPA, DHA and an exclusive complex of antioxidants to help neutralise free radicals.

Bone & joint support

Helps support large breed dogs’ healthy bones and joints, which can be placed under stress by body weight.

High digestibility

Helps support optimal digestibility thanks to an exclusive formula including very high quality protein and a balanced supply of dietary fibre.

Your large dog's overall health is going through many changes now that it has fully matured - and signs of ageing may be starting to show. Re-addressing your dog's feeding regime is particularly important at this stage of its life because its diet needs to support its general health and fitness as it enters into its senior years. ROYAL CANIN® Maxi Ageing 8+ is suitable for adult dogs that weigh between 26kg- 44kg and is specially formulated with all the nutritional needs of your large dog in mind. Large dogs can tend to gain weight more easily at this age because they can be less active than they used to be and therefore they won't burn off as much energy. That's why it's important to manage your large dog's daily intake allowance effectively so that it can carry on ageing comfortably. This exclusive formula also includes very high quality proteins such as L.I.P, known for their high digestibility, as well as a balanced supply of dietary fibre to support colon health.
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Sammensætning: Tørret fjerkræprotein, ris, animalsk fedt, hvede, hvedemel, majs, majsgluten, hydrolyserede animalske proteiner, vegetabilsk proteinisolat*, roetrævler, vegetabilske fibre, fiskeolie, mineraler, sojaolie, gær og dele heraf, tomat (lycopenkilde), frugto-oligosakkarider, psylliumfrø og -skaller, hydrolysat af krebsdyr (glucosaminkilde), boragoolie, tagetesekstrakt (luteinkilde), hydrolysat af brusk (chondroitinkilde).

Tilsætningsstoffer (pr. kg): Tilsætningsstoffer med ernæringsmæssige egenskaber: A-vitamin: 29.000 IE, D3-vitamin: 800 IE, E1 (Jern): 41 mg, E2 (Jod): 4,1 mg, E4 (Kobber): 13 mg, E5 (Mangan): 53 mg, E6 (Zink): 134 mg, E8 (Selen): 0,09 mg - Teknologiske tilsætningsstoffer: Clinoptilolit af sedimentær oprindelse: 10 g - Sensoriske tilsætningsstoffer: Ekstrakt af te (polyfenolkilde): 150 mg - Konserveringsmidler - Antioxidanter.

Analytiske bestanddele: Protein: 27,0 % - Råfedt: 17,0 % - Råaske: 5,8 % - Træstof: 2,9 % - EPA/DHA: 4 g/kg.

*L.I.P.: Udvalgt proteinkilde med en meget høj fordøjelighed.

Fodringsanvisning: Se tabel. Udløbsdato, batch- og registreringsnummer: Se pakken. Opbevares køligt og tørt.
Weight of dogLow activityMedium activityHigh activity
26 kg282 g (3+4/8 cups)326 g (4 cups)371 g (4+4/8 cups)
28 kg298 g (3+5/8 cups)345 g (4+2/8 cups)392 g (4+6/8 cups)
30 kg314 g (3+7/8 cups)363 g (4+4/8 cups)413 g (5 cups)
32 kg329 g (4 cups)381 g (4+5/8 cups)433 g (5+2/8 cups)
34 kg345 g (4+2/8 cups)399 g (4+7/8 cups)453 g (5+4/8 cups)
36 kg360 g (4+3/8 cups)416 g (5+1/8 cups)473 g (5+6/8 cups)
38 kg375 g (4+5/8 ups)434 g (5+3/8 cups)493 g (6 cups)
40 kg389 g (4+6/8 cups)451 g (5+4/8 cups)512 g (6+2/8 cups)
42 kg404 g (5 cups)467 g (5+6/8 cups)531 g (6+4/8 cups)
44 kg418 g (5+1/8 cups)484 g (5+7/8 cups)550 g (6+6/8 cups)

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