How to give a cat a pill with Pill Assist™

With almost two in five pet owners finding the process of giving their cat a tablet or capsule complicated, how can this process be made simpler for both cat and owner?
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From de-worming tablets, to antibiotics or pain medication, there are many scenarios where pet owners may have to give their cat a pill. Due to the cat's notoriously well-developed senses, this task can be trickier than many initially think.

If medication is needed regularly, treats can significantly impact the cat’s daily caloric intake. This is because they are often not taken into consideration when measuring the daily food ration for a cat.

One approach that pet owners often turn to is hiding pills in food, either in their bowls or in treats like fish or soft cheese. While this may prove successful initially, cats are adept at filtering pills out of food and will be increasingly cautious after the first instance.

Other methods some owners use to give their cat tablets without food can be more forceful, which are not recommended. They can often cause significant stress to the cat which can make the process much more difficult and increase the risk of injury and anxiety.

Why Pill Assist™ Cat is different

Pill Assist™ Cat has been developed with all of these concerns in mind. Using this product, pills can easily be given to cats by placing them inside easily mouldable hollow pieces which disguise taste and makes it easier to give medication.

Contrary to fish or pieces of cheese, nutrient and caloric intake can be controlled: Pill Assist™ Cat has been specifically designed, with only 3 calories per piece. Thanks to all of these factors, Pill Assist Cat have been shown to enable daily pill acceptance in 91% of cases.*

How to use Pill Assist™ Cat

Pill Assist™ Cat is a quick and simple solution to effectively give a cat a pill and help treatment plans to be met at home. The product is highly palatable and seals tightly around the pull to help hide the smell and taste of the medication.

  • Hold the Pill Assist™ Cat with your thumb and forefinger
  • Place the pill inside with your other hand
  • Using the hand which did not touch the pill, squeeze the top half of the Pill Assist™ closed
  • Still avoiding touching the Pill Assist™ with your second hand, feed it to your cat

It is important not to touch the Pill Assist™ Cat with the same hand that came into contact with the medication. A cat's strong senses mean they will very easily recognise residue of the medication which can lead to rejection of the pill.

For best results, we recommend giving Pill Assist™ Cat to your cat at least once without medication. This allows the cat to get used to the product so your cat will take it from you
enthusiastically when it contains a pill. That being said, Pill Assist™ Cat is specifically designed to support pet owners during medication, and therefore should not replace any other food or treats.

Pill Assist™ Cat is available from your veterinarian. If you are ever unsure how to administer medication to your cat, please consult your veterinarian for expert advice.


*Identified in a trial with a placebo, administered to 31 cats twice a day for a five-day period. Feeding guidelines: Maximum of 6 pieces daily for a 4kg cat. For higher quantities, consult your veterinarian.

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Pill Assist™ Cat

Pill Assist™ Cat is designed to support successful pill administration and helps cat owners to follow their vet's prescription effectively.

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