New kitten Checklist – Prepare the essentials for your kitten’s arrival

Congratulations on reaching the decision about getting a kitten! It’s a thrilling feeling to know that soon your home will also become theirs, but before they set paws in your house, it’s important to make sure you have what you need to care for them.

There are essential steps to take when you are preparing to get a kitten. Making sure you can tick all the boxes on the kitten checklist is the first thing to do.

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Your new kitten checklist:

✓ Your kitten’s essentials

A place to sleep and some pet-safe linen

A litter tray. If your kitten is comfortable with a covered one, then go for this option as it can help limit odours and avoid spill

A cat carry case to safely transport your pet

Three glass or stainless-steel bowls. You’ll need a larger one for water, and two smaller ones for kibble and wet food

Kitten toys to encourage exercise and brain stimulation

A scratch pole and cat tree so they can express their natural instincts without using their claws and climbing on your furniture

Equipment to groom your kitten such as brush and a nail clipper

Pet-safe cleaning products

✓ Your to do list

1- Make their new environment safe and secure by kitten proofing your house and outdoor areas

2 - Make their new space comfortable and practical

3 - Find the perfect kitten food – one the is adapted to their nutritional needs during the growth

4 - Make sure everyone is ready to meet the newbie

5 - Find your vet, the person who alongside you, will follow, monitor and support your new kitten’s health during their lifetime

So, you’re ticking all the boxes? Great! Let’s look at each step more closely, so you can be assured that you are 100% ready before bringing home your new little ball of fur

1 - Preparing for kitten by proofing your home

Your little furry friend will probably be shy at first, but chances are that they’ll quickly grow into a curious, playful, and agile kitten and no place in your house will be left unexplored! Making sure their new environment is a safe space is the best way to kick-off your pet owning journey.


Key items that need your attention in your house and garden:


1. Toksične sobne biljke

Postoje neke sobne biljke, primjerice ljiljani, koje mogu biti toksične za vašu mačku. Cijeli popis zatražite od svog veterinara, a idealno bi bilo da sve te biljke uklonite iz svog doma prije dolaska mačića.

2. WC školjke i kante za smeće

Da biste spriječili padanje mačića u WC školjke ili kante za smeće, obavezno ih držite poklopljenima. Držite mačića podalje od vezica vreća za smeće jer se mogu zapetljati u njih ili ih progutati.

3. Opasne tvari

Pobrinite se da su lijekovi, sredstva za čišćenje i ostale toksične tvari izvan dosega. Neke terapije protiv buha namijenjene psima opasne su za mačke, a antifriz je osobito smrtonosan.

4. Mjesta za skrivanje

Mačići se vole skrivati na mjestima kao što su košare za rublje i sušilice za odjeću, ali i prostor ispod namještaja. Otkrijte omiljena mjesta za skrivanje svog mačića i zapriječite ulaz u njih ili se pažljivo krećite domom kako ga ne biste slučajno zarobili.

5. Električni kabeli i utičnice

Kako vaš mačić ne bi žvakao kabele ili se zapetljao u žice, sakrijte ih pomoću pokrova ili vezica za kabele. Također nemojte zaboraviti zaštititi utičnice poklopcima.

6. Otrovna hrana

Neka hrana koja je zdrava za ljude ili im je ukusna za mačke može biti otrovna ili im uzrokovati probavne smetnje. To uključuje luk, češnjak, sirova jaja, sirovo meso, čokoladu, kravlje mlijeko, grožđe i grožđice. Stoga, držite svoju hranu izvan dosega mačića i obavezno objasnite obitelji da mačića treba hraniti samo mačjom hranom.

7. Mali predmeti

Sklonite sve male predmete, poput gumba ili dječjih igračaka, koje bi mačić mogao progutati. Pobrinite se i da sklonite plastične vrećice ili predmete od spužve jer bi ih mačić mogao žvakati i ugušiti se.

1. Ograde i kapije

Vaš će se mačić uskoro moći penjati preko ograda i kapija. U slučaju da je vaš vrt u potpunosti zatvoren, isplati se provjeriti da nema rupa kroz koje bi mačić mogao pobjeći dok je malen.

2. Toksične vrtne biljke

Kao i sobne biljke, mnoge vanjske biljke otrovne su za mačke. Čak i ako ih mačka izbjegava, može se očešati o pelud i zatim ju polizati sa svog krzna. Da biste bili sigurni, zatražite od veterinara popis i uklonite biljke koje predstavlja opasnost.

3. Opasnosti

Pretražite okućnicu kako biste pronašli sve predmete kojima se mačić može ozlijediti i mjesta na kojima bi se mogao zaglaviti.

4. Ribnjaci i vodni elementi

Najsigurnije je držati ribnjake sa strmim stijenama i vodene elemente prekrivenima dok mačić ne naraste kako se ne bi utopio ili pokušao piti vodu.

5. Alati i mali predmeti

Provjerite nalaze li se u vašem vrtu mali predmeti koje bi mačić mogao progutati ili se ugušiti njima. I zaključajte sve oštre vrtne alate.

6. Opasne tvari

Sklonite sve kemikalije za održavanje vrta, poput gnojiva, insekticida, boja i otapala.

2. - Preparing for kitten by making their new space comfortable and practical

You will need to prepare three main areas for your kitten. They should be separate from each other, ideally in different rooms. As your kitten adjusts to your home, they’ll soon find their favourite spots and you can then move their spaces accordingly, if needed.

Drinking station and meal area - Kittens need a quiet space to enjoy their meal without worrying about being surprised or disturbed. Choose a spot out of the way with enough room to spread out their bowls, so spillage from the food bowls doesn’t contaminate their water. Cats enjoy drinking at different spots during their day, so putting other sources of fresh water around the house is a good idea.

Sleeping and resting zone - Kittens need a lot of sleep. It’s important they have a calm space where they can safely rest and sleep, away from high traffic corridors.

Litter space - Going to do their business can make kittens and cats feel vulnerable. It’s best if you can place their litter in a separate space, which is easily accessible and away from you and others in the house.

3. - Preparing for kitten by getting the right food

Kittens and adult cats are not quite the same, so it’s only logical that they have different needs, and their diet should be fulfilling them accordingly. Kittens need specific food because they grow so fast —you only need to watch them evolve to get proof of that. In just a few weeks, they’ll grow so much they won’t even fit in the palm of your hand. The right food is the best ally when it comes to feeding kittens and supporting their needs during this intense growth period. Digestive health support, cognitive and immune system development, plus their energy intake can all be nurtured and nourished with the perfect adapted kitten diet!

4. - Preparing for kitten by making sure everyone is ready to meet the newbie

Super soft, super fun, super playful... Kittens are like superpowers — they come with great responsibilities, and you share those responsibilities with every member of your household. Your role as a kitten owner is crucial for your pet’s wellbeing. It starts even before your new pet’s arrival when you start thinking of getting a cat. Every day you must dedicate some time to help them live their best life, it’s called responsible pet ownership. From making time for playing, covering their needs and giving them the affection, they require, you and your family should be ready to care for them and tackle the challenges to come today and for life. From making time for playing, training, and preparing their meals to covering the expenses related to quality food, vet appointment, and unexpected health or cat sitting bills, you and your family should be ready to tackle the challenges to come today and for life. It’s the price to pay for all the great moments that come with getting a new kitten – and it’s worth it.

5. - Preparing for kitten by finding your vet

From your kitten’s first complete health check to their routine check-ups and vaccination, your vet can help you manage their health as they grow. They’re the best person to guide you in caring for your pet day after day, giving advice when something is wrong, reassuring you when everything seems fine, and being there for life. There are several questions that can help you select the best clinic for your kitten, and if you want to find a vet who is local, you can also use our vet finder to browse your options.

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