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Satietogenic effect

Special blend of fibres that increases the volume of the stomach contents and promotes satiety (reduces the spontaneus consumption of food).

High protein

A high protein content (111g/1000kcal ME) helps maintain muscle mass during a weight loss programme.

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6) and trace elements (Cu, Zn) support healthy skin and coat.

Nutrients Balance

Enriched with nutrients (proteins, minerals and vitamins) to compensate for the effect of energy restriction during a weight loss programme.

Target adult cat weight (kg)StartAfter 4 weeks if the cat did not lose weightMaintenance
2.5 kg332635
3 kg383040
3.5 kg423345
4 kg463749
4.5 kg504053
5 kg544357
5.5 kg584661
6 kg624965
6.5 kg655269
7 kg695573
7.5 kg725777
8 kg766080
8.5 kg796384
9 kg826587
9.5 kg866891
10 kg897094
VDiet Feline Packshots + Chart: Updated Graphical Codes

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