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Hydrolysed protein

Hydrolysed protein with low molecular weight to ensure the food is hypoallergenic.


Helps lower the concentration of ions contributing to crystal formation.

Skin barrier

A patented complex to support the barrier effect of the skin.

Dental health

Contains specific nutrients which contribute to maintaining good oral health.

Composition: rice, hydrolysed soya protein isolate, animal fats, minerals, hydrolysed poultry liver, soya oil, beet pulp, fructo-oligo-saccharides, fish oil, sodium polyphosphate, taurine, borage oil, marigold extract (source of lutein).
Dog's weightLean - Normal - Overweight -
2 kg55 g5/8 cup50 g4/8 cup40 g4/8 cup
3 kg75 g6/8 cup65 g5/8 cup55 g5/8 cup
4 kg90 g1 cup80 g7/8 cup70 g6/8 cup
5 kg110 g1+1/8 cup95 g1 cup85 g7/8 cup
6 kg125 g1+2/8 cup110 g1+1/8 cup95 g1 cup
7 kg140 g1+4/8 cup125 g1+2/8 cup105 g1+1/8 cup
8 kg155 g1+5/8 cup135 g1+3/8 cup120 g1+2/8 cup
9 kg170 g1+6/8 cup150 g1+4/8 cup130 g1+3/8 cup
10 kg185 g1+7/8 cup160 g1+5/8 cup140 g1+4/8 cup

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