References to third parties

The websites to which we refer are websites of commercial providers that obtain our products directly from us.  The websites are sorted in alphabetical order depending on whether the retailers have the product in stock or not.  If you buy our products via one of these websites, the respective seller is subject to all obligations under the contract. 

Royal Canin is not involved in the contract you have with the provider and is not responsible for the execution of that contract.  The list of providers to which we refer on our website is not exhaustive, but only contains providers that sell our products online and use a program that can be used to search product inventories in real time and that is compatible with our website.  The list of providers is continuously updated.


Links to third party websites

The websites of third parties to which we refer on our website are not published or controlled by Royal Canin. We are not responsible for those websites and do not check their content.  You visit these websites at your own risk and on your own responsibility.  If you visit a third party website, the terms of use and guidelines for handling personal data applicable to the use of that website apply.  Before you start using a third party website or making a purchase, we recommend that you read the general terms and conditions, terms of use and privacy policy of that website.