Black and White Siberian Cat

Skin and coat concerns, and stomach and intestinal upsets are in the top 10 reasons owners take their cat to the veterinarian. And while dental tartar affects 85% of cats 3 years and older, we know that 1 in 3 cats is overweight or obese. Our FELINE CARE NUTRITION products were formulated to nutritionally support cats with these common sensitivities.

Sensitive Skin and Coat
Some cats have sensitive skin and poor coat condition. Flaky or oily skin or dull coat may be present. A poor coat condition may reflect an improper balance of nutrients. Balanced nutrition plays a role in skin cell renewal, which supports healthy skin and coat.

Tabby Siberian Cat Lying Down

Sensitive Digestion
A sensitive stomach and digestive tract may result in a large quantity of poor stool—which can be an indication of poor digestion. Plus, eating quickly without chewing can lead to regurgitation. ROYAL CANIN DIGESTIVE CARE contains highly digestible proteins, plus prebiotics and dietary fibers to support a balanced digestive tract and help regulate intestinal transit.

Oral and Dental Sensitivity
Tartar build up is the mineralization of dental plaque with saliva, and can lead to sensitive gums. This build-up can result in bad breath. Daily brushing of your cat's teeth is the most effective way to maintain dental health, but choosing a food such as ROYAL CANIN ORAL CARE with specially designed kibbles can help reduce tartar and plaque formation.

Weight Maintenance
Maintaining an ideal weight is a crucial aspect of a cat's overall health. ROYAL CANIN WEIGHT CARE formula is precisely balanced nutrition that helps maintain a healthy body condition.