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Considering your companion's lifestyle and age is crucial to choosing the right cat food.

Royal Canin has developed a wide range of cat food formulas designed to meet your cat's specific nutritional needs whether he's spayed or neutered, or living indoors or out. Each life stage has its own health considerations. Kittens need nutrients for healthy growth, adult cats need a maintenance formula to support health, and the senior cat needs nutrients to support healthy aging. Only specially balanced diets are able to guarantee all the nutrients necessary for your cat's well-being at every life-stage and for every lifestyle.


Did you know ROYAL CANIN® FELINE HEALTH NUTRITION™ INDOOR ADULT dry cat food, SENSITIVE DIGESTION dry cat food and ADULT FIT AND ACTIVE dry cat food were chosen first by cats?* That’s because Royal Canin knows your cat savors more than just flavor. She considers aroma, flavor, kibble size and shape when she chooses her food. She also considers the right combination of nutrients, the texture of the food and how satisfied she feels after she eats.

*Cats chose the featured Royal Canin diets first over
comparable diets by leading competitors. Leading competitors based in part on data reports by
Nielsen through Scantrack Service for the Cat Food category for the 52 week period ending 8/5/2017,
for the Total US market and Pet Specialty channel, according to the Royal Canin product hierarchy. Copyright© 2017, The Nielsen Company.

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Only Royal Canin focuses nutrition on all stages of a cat's life, including the two stages of kittens' growth. Your cat's body continues to evolve as your cat grows. And at Royal Canin, our formulas provide support through every stage of life. So whether you have a kitten, adult or mature cat, we have a nutritional solution that fits your cat's needs perfectly.

Cats today are living longer than ever before - sometimes up to 25 years. As cats advance in age, some commonly seen ailments may occur such as decreased immune defense, lower nutrient absorption ability, decrease in appetite and becoming less able to chew their food. With these changes in mind, it's important to choose a highly palatable, nutrient-rich nutrition solution with a softer texture for easy chewing.

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Spayed and Neutered Cats

Spaying and neutering is a common sterilization procedure that has a big effect on hormone levels in cats. And while these changes have many positive outcomes, like a longer life expectancy, there is one challenge. As soon as 48 hours after surgery, hormone changes can cause a cat's energy needs to decrease by about 30% while also causing a 20% rise in appetite. This can lead to significant weight gain. ROYAL CANIN SPAYED NEUTERED diets can help support a healthy weight.

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