Size Based Nutrition for Dogs

Jack Russell Puppy

From a 2 lb. Chihuahua to a 200 lb. Mastiff, different-sized dogs have very different physiological needs, which can make finding the right nutrition complicated. That’s why Royal Canin addresses each size, lifestyle and breed with diets tailor-made for their unique characteristics. Use the selectors below to find the right diet for your dog. 

Lifestage Categories

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Heartworm Prevention:
Why is it Important?

Learn about how severe heartworm disease can be and how important preventative measures really are.

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Your Dog's Social Needs
The Dog's Social Nature
Border Collie

Dogs are social animals that thrive on opportunities for companionship with people and other dogs.

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Does your Dog Need to Lose Weight?
Easy steps to determine if your dog needs to lose weight.

It is important to recognize any significant weight gain your dog experiences in order to help prevent weight related health concerns.

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