Dog Food for Each Unique Lifestyle


Royal Canin Urban Life

French Bulldog walking on a leash in the city

On-the-go dogs with an urban lifestyle may be exposed to crowded public places, car exhaust, noise and traffic as well as the excitement of parks. These environments create specific needs and challenges for your dog. ROYAL CANIN URBAN LIFE has a full range of precise diets for each Urban dog's life stage - puppy, adult, and senior - formulated specifically for the small dog (up to 22 lb. at adulthood) and large dog formulas (22 - 100 lb. at adulthood). ROYAL CANIN URBAN LIFE meets the needs of these dogs impacted by busy lifestyles through precise nutrition.

Royal Canin Sporting Life

Border Collie jumping over a double bar in an agility course

Sporting and working dogs' energy requirements are dependent on the intensity and length of their activity. ROYAL CANIN SPORTING LIFE dry dog food formulas provide a precise nutritional solution to support their energy needs.

  • TRAIL 4300 is for sporting and working dogs that need to sustain a continuous activity level.
  • AGILITY 4100 is for sporting and working dogs that need short, intense, instant energy.
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