Precise Nutrition for Dogs with Special Needs

two dogs laying side by side

While every dog is an individual with different nutritional requirements, some dogs have a need for increased support based on their specific needs. For dogs that may have a tendency to gain weight easily, or might have a sensitive digestive system – or both. Royal Canin has individualized options for every size dog to support these needs. For the large dog we have a formula with an extra level of coat and joint support based on their size and nutritional requirements. Find the perfect nutritional solution for your special needs dog.

Digestive Sensitivities in Dogs

Small dogs have a tendency to be fussy eaters and can also suffer from digestive sensitivities. ROYAL CANIN® MINI SPECIAL features exclusive flavors and enhanced palatability to appeal to even the most finicky appetite.

Since sensitive digestion can be an issue regardless of size, we offer a customized DIGEST SENSITIVE solution for small, medium and large dogs that can benefit from high quality protein sources and prebiotics. Our MINI, MEDIUM, and MAXI DIGEST SENSITIVE formulas help promote a balanced intestinal flora and maintain stool quality.

Dogs with Joint and Coat Issues

Adult and mature large dog breeds sometimes need extra support for joint and coat sensitivities. ROYAL CANIN MAXI JOINT and COAT CARE helps support large breed dogs' healthy bones and joints which can be placed under stress by body weight, and provides a specific level of fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. Our JOINT AND COAT CARE formula helps support the skin's role as a barrier with a unique nutrient complex.

Dogs Prone to Weight Gain

ROYAL CANIN WEIGHT CARE formulas help reduce your dog's energy intake while giving the same volume of food*. They also help to achieve and maintain an ideal weight by combining increased protein content with a moderate fat content.

* As compared to ROYAL CANIN Adult formulas