Nutritionally Support Stress & Anxiety in Cats

British Shorthair Cat sitting

Nutritionally Support Stress & Anxiety in Cats.

Cats in socially or environmentally stressful situations may benefit from a diet to help support their overall health and well-being. Only your veterinarian can identify if a veterinary exclusive diet is appropriate for your pet. If a diet change is recommended, for best result, it is very important to feed only the prescribed food while strictly adhering to your veterinarian's feeding directions.

ROYAL CANIN VETERINARY DIET® CALM™ cat formulas taste great and nutritionally support the health of cats in socially and environmentally stressful conditions. Our diets are developed by nutritionists and veterinarians to provide:

  • Equilibrium support - hydrolyzed milk protein and tryptophan, an amino acid involved in balanced serotonin metabolism.
  • Skin barrier support - precise amounts of B vitamins and amino acids to help maintain the skin's natural barrier effect.
  • Digestive support - specific nutrient blend helps to regulate intestinal transit and support beneficial digestive microflora.
  • S/O Index® - promotes a urinary environment unfavorable to the development of both struvite and calcium oxalate crystals
  • Call your veterinarian to learn how a specialized therapeutic diet can improve your cat’s health.

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