Don Sphynx adult black and white

Don Sphynx

Also known as the Donskoy, the Don Sphynx is an intriguing, elegant, unique and inquisitive cat.

About the Don Sphynx

Don Sphynx are active, extremely friendly, highly intelligent and very loving, loyal and dedicated to their owners. The Don Sphynx are good-natured, gentle, easy to groom and handle. They have a well-balanced personality, show a lively interest in their surroundings, and enjoy making up and playing games.

The Don Sphynx breed has four different coat types in a variety of colours. These types are known as the Rubber Bald, Flock, Velour and Brush. The Don Sphynx carries a dominant hair loss gene that causes their birth coat to fall out if they have one. All but the Brush variety of coat are known to lose their hair, either at birth or as they grow.

Source: key facts and characteristics sourced from World Cat Congress (WCC)

Breed specifics

Short coat
Size category

Active / Sociable / Affectionate / Intelligent / Loyal

Key facts

  • Needs moderate grooming
  • Best suited to indoor life
  • Happiest in pairs