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Royal Canin® Vet Symposium 2021 Connects Veterinary Professionals To The Future Of Veterinary Medicine From The Clinic And Beyond

Royal Canin® Vet Symposium 2021 Connects Veterinary Professionals To The Future Of Veterinary Medicine From The Clinic And Beyond
Top experts from around the world share their knowledge and the latest trends in dermatology, health technology, telemedicine, and practitioner wellbeing. New interactive and immersive event experience will offer live broadcasts around the world in seven languages, plus on-demand content and training.


Renowned international experts will unite to discuss the future of veterinary medicine, veterinary practices, and beyond through a unique virtual experience at the  ROYAL CANIN® Vet Symposium, presented on September 28-29, 2021.
More than 10,000 veterinary professionals and leaders in animal healthcare from 100 countries are expected to virtually attend Vet Symposium 2021 hosted by ROYAL CANIN®, a world leader in health through nutrition for cats and dogs. The Symposium will feature nine live panel discussions, eight clinical cases, and three practice management seminars – all led by top experts in the field.
Clinical cases that will be presented at Vet Symposium 2021 include: “Feline Allergies: Reaction Patterns to Aid Diagnosis”; “Feline Allergies: They Don’t All Read the Book”; “Claw Fold Diseases in Cats: The Allergy Mimicker”; “Allergic Cat: Why Oral Exams are Important in the Allergic Cat”; “Food Allergies in Dogs: Elimination Trial or Serum IgE Test”; “Canine Atopic Dermatitis: Which Anti-Allergic Intervention Should I Use”; and “Punkin: A Tale of Two Allergies”.
The immersive format of this virtual event provides Vet Symposium 2021 attendees access to a live broadcast around the world in seven languages, as well as on-demand content and training. Event highlights include:

  • Live Stage: Featuring live interviews with leading international experts in pet health on the key trends of “The Clinic and Beyond,” covering topics that range from clinical cases and practice management to health innovation, well-being, and other areas that are essential to running a successful veterinary practice.
  • Vet Lab: Featuring lectures on clinical cases from expert clinicians to support continuous learning. Each lecture will include a follow-up quiz to validate continuing education credits.
  • Clinic Lounge: Featuring masterclasses on practice management, leadership, communication, and well-being.
  • Innovation Hub: Featuring innovative product and practice demonstrations by ROYAL CANIN®, MSD, and Ceva.

"Vet Symposium 2021 is a special moment to bring together veterinary teams around the world and to explore the next big topics in the future of pet health”, said Loic Moutault, CEO, Royal Canin. "We’ve gathered the best in the industry to share their expert perspectives on subjects ranging from dermatology to practitioner burnout, to empower veterinary professionals with the insights they need to achieve the best possible outcomes for themselves and their patients, all in service of our purpose: A Better World for Pets”.
Veterinary professionals can register for the free online Symposium and an event link will be on the Vet Focus website the day of the event. To sign-up to for the Vet Symposium 2021 , please visit https://vetfocus.royalcanin.com/en/vet-symposium.