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Mixed cereals of low glycaemic index enables control of postprandial hyperglyaemia.

High protein level promotes lean muscle mass and helps limit postprandial glycemia. Enriched with L-carnitine.

A low carbohydrate intake helps control postprandial blood glucose to facilitate overall diabetes mellitus management.

For dogs with diabetes mellitus.
Dehydrated poultry protein, barley, wheat gluten*, maize gluten, vegetable fibres, animal fats, tapioca, beet pulp, hydrolysed animal proteins, fish oil, psyllium husks and seeds, Fructo-Oligo-Saccharides (FOS), minerals, marigold extract (source of lutein).
Crude ash: 5.2%. Crude fibre: 6.4%. Crude oil fats: 12%. Moisture: 9.5%. Protein: 37%.

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