Royal Canin introduces treats for cats and dogs on therapeutic diets

Royal Canin introduces treats for cats and dogs on therapeutic diets
St. Charles, Missouri (May 23, 2016) – Cats and dogs on therapeutic diets deserve a treat. Royal Canin, a global leader in pet health nutrition, today unveiled ROYAL CANIN® TREATS, a veterinary-exclusive line of treats designed to support special dietary needs.

Treats are part of a pet owner’s overall bonding experience with cats and dogs, but they don’t always fit the pet’s situation. Many pet owners don’t realize treats may compromise the benefit of certain diets prescribed by their veterinarian. Royal Canin created this line of treats to provide new, complimentary options to reward our pets. The new line of treats is also safe and effective, backed by science that pet owners can trust. 

“At Royal Canin, we’ve worked with our veterinary partners for over 45 years to provide the most effective nutrition for every cat and dog,” said Dr. Catherine Lenox, a veterinary nutritionist and Royal Canin Scientific Affairs Manager. “That’s why we created the most comprehensive line of veterinary-exclusive treats to help improve pets’ quality of life while supporting the treatment goals of their veterinarians.”

There are ROYAL CANIN® TREATS products for healthy pets, as well as treats designed specifically to support the nutritional management of urinary tract health, digestive health, weight health and skin health. The products come in cat and dog versions, including:

  • ROYAL CANIN® URINARY TREATS: Supports a healthy urinary tract.  
  • ROYAL CANIN® GASTROINTESTINAL TREATS: Specific nutrients to support digestive health. 
  • ROYAL CANIN® HYDROLYZED PROTEIN TREATS: Supports healthy skin in pets with food sensitivities.
  • ROYAL CANIN® SATIETY TREATS: Low in calories to support a healthy weight. 
  • ROYAL CANIN® ORIGINAL TREATS: Healthy treat for healthy cats and dogs in all life stages. 
“Forty-one percent of pet owners say they use treats to develop a bond with their cat or dog, however very few of these treats are formulated to support certain dietary needs,” said Dr. Lenox. “Through our continued innovation, Royal Canin is proud to provide the most comprehensive line of treats that supports therapeutic formula feeding regimens.”

ROYAL CANIN® TREATS complement many therapeutic diet formulas, including those from ROYAL CANIN. Pet owners should ask their veterinarian which one is right for their pet. Additional information on ROYAL CANIN® TREATS is available online at   

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