Royal Canin launches Bengal and American Shorthair breed-specific feline diets

Royal Canin launches Bengal and American Shorthair breed-specific feline diets
St. Charles, MO (July 25, 2017) – , a global leader in pet health nutrition, is continuing to pioneer breedspecific innovation with the launch of two new feline formulas: Royal Canin® American Shorthair and Royal Canin® Bengal diets. The new diets are among a total of over 60 breed-specific diets the company has developed to provide precise nutritional solutions for cats’ and dogs’ various health needs

“At Royal Canin, we are continuously striving to meet the unique needs of each animal through scientific-based formulas,” said Dr. Brent Mayabb, DVM and Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Royal Canin USA. “Our two newest breed-specific diets for the American Shorthair and Bengal cats are proof of our desire as a company to prioritize individualized pet health nutrition.”

Royal Canin’s new breed-specific diets help support these animals’ individualized health nutrition as follows:

  • ROYAL CANIN® AMERICAN SHORTHAIR FORMULA – The Royal Canin® American Shorthair diet is specially formulated for the distinct needs of American Shorthair cats. American Shorthair cats can be prone to digestive sensitivities; therefore, foods with prebiotics and highly digestible proteins can help support digestive health in these cats. The American Shorthair diet also contains a balance of fiber and protein with a moderate fat level to help maintain healthy weight. The specially designed crescent-shaped kibble in this formula is designed to encourage grasping and chewing and help support oral hygiene as well.

  • ROYAL CANIN® BENGAL FORMULA – The Royal Canin® Bengal diet is specially formulated for the distinct needs of Bengal cats. The Bengal cat requires an optimal ratio of a high level of protein and fat content to help maintain muscle mass. This breed can also be prone to digestive sensitives, so their food contains specific nutrients to help support their sensitive digestive systems. The Y-shape of the Bengal kibble is adapted to the breed’s jaw to encourage chewing and support oral hygiene as well. Lastly, the formula’s nutrients help enhance the Bengal’s distinctive coat.
  • “We wanted to further emphasize cat health in particular by expanding our line of feline breed-specific formulas,” said Dr. Brent Mayabb. “Both the American Shorthair and Bengal breeds are distinct animals with individual needs, which makes them ideal for these breed-specific diets.”

    The Royal Canin® American Shorthair and Royal Canin® Bengal diets can now be found in select retailers; for information on these locations, consumers can visit Pet owners should consult with their veterinarian to determine which diet is right for their unique animal. For more information about the new formulas, as well as other Royal Canin breed-specific diets, visit<ahref=" target="_blank"></ahref=">

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