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Promotes digestive health and optimal stool quality with highly digestible proteins and prebiotics

Formulated to help manage GI health and common gastrointestinal sensitivities

Enriched with a blend of soluble and insoluble fibers for healthy transit through the GI tract

Supports urinary health with the exclusive S/O Index, which creates an environment unfavorable to crystal formation in the bladder

You’ve tried everything to help with your cat's GI issues, whether those are vomiting, diarrhea, or lack of appetite. And while bland homemade diets are often used for digestive upsets, your cat could be missing some key nutrients to help them fully recover. But with the help of your veterinarian and Royal Canin, there’s not just hope—there can be a true difference.

This high fiber cat food is specially formulated with a blend of soluble and insoluble fibers to aid with intestinal movement for your cat’s GI upsets. A combination of highly digestible proteins and prebiotics helps maintain the balance of good bacteria in the gut. A blend of dietary fibers supports healthy digestion for optimal stool quality. Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, from fish oil help nourish and soothe the GI tract. And the exclusive S/O Index supports urinary health by creating an environment unfavorable to crystal formation in the bladder. Looking for a way to reward your cat? Royal Canin Gastrointestinal cat treats are just 1 calorie and made for your cat’s sensitive stomach.

Brewers rice, chicken by-product meal, chicken fat, corn, corn gluten meal, wheat gluten, psyllium seed husk, natural flavors, chicory, egg product, potassium chloride, fish oil, calcium sulfate, grain distillers dried yeast, fructooligosaccharides, DL-methionine, potassium phosphate, salt, vegetable oil, hydrolyzed yeast, choline chloride, taurine, vitamins [DL-alpha tocopherol acetate (source of vitamin E), L-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate (source of vitamin C), niacin supplement, biotin, riboflavin supplement, D-calcium pantothenate, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), vitamin A acetate, thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B1), vitamin B12 supplement, folic acid, vitamin D3 supplement], L-lysine, marigold extract (Tagetes erecta L.), trace minerals [zinc proteinate, zinc oxide, ferrous sulfate, manganese proteinate, manganous oxide, copper sulfate, calcium iodate, sodium selenite, copper proteinate], rosemary extract, preserved with mixed tocopherols and citric acid.

Calorie Content

This diet contains 3687 kilocalories of metabolizable energy (ME) per kilogram or 361 kilocalories ME per cup on an as fed basis (calculated).

Crude Protein (min) 29.0%
Crude Fat (min) 13.0%
Crude Fiber (max) 4.7%
Moisture (max) 8.0%
Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA)* (min) 0.18%
Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)* (min) 0.08%

*Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles.

Weight Tendency to become Overweight Ideal Weight
4.4 lb (2 kg) 1/4 cup (26 g) 3/8 cup (33 g)
5.5 lb (2.5 kg) 3/8 cup (31 g) 3/8 cup (38 g)
6.6 lb (3 kg) 3/8 cup (35 g) 1/2 cup (44 g)
7.7 lb (3.5 kg) 3/8 cup (39 g) 1/2 cup (49 g)
8.8 lb (4 kg) 1/2 cup (43 g) 1/2 cup (53 g)
9.9 lb (4.5 kg) 1/2 cup (46 g) 5/8 cup (58 g)
11.0 lb (5 kg) 1/2 cup (50 g) 5/8 cup (63 g)
13.2 lb (6 kg) 5/8 cup (57 g) 3/4 cup (71 g)
15.4 lb (7 kg) 5/8 cup (64 g) 7/8 cup (79 g)
17.6 lb (8 kg) 3/4 cup (70 g) 7/8 cup (87 g)
19.8 lb (9 kg) 3/4 cup (76 g) 1 cup (95 g)
22.0 lb (10 kg) 7/8 cup (82 g) 1 cup (102 g)
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Gastrointestinal Fiber Response Dry Cat Food

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Customer reviews

Cat Relief
11 Dec 2019

Miraculous Results

Our cat had to see the vet twice in the last year due to constipation and impacted bowels. This required her to be put under with anesthesia. In addition she was treated with a regiment of Lactulose and Miralax with mixed results. After the second visit the vet prescribed Feline Gastrointestinal Fiber Response™ Dry Cat Food. The results were almost immediate! She goes regularly and has well formed stools with normal consistency. It is worth every penny!
08 Nov 2019

Result was harder well formed stools.

My senior cat had diarrhea and this made a mess of her rear end. After doctor prescribed Royal Canin, her stool was hard, well-formed, and she had no trouble evacuating.
08 Nov 2019

Result was harder well formed stools.

My senior cat had diarrhea and this made a mess of her rear end. After doctor prescribed Royal Canin, her stool was hard, well-formed, and she had no trouble evacuating.
01 Nov 2019

Awesome food

My cats love this food and it has helped them so much
31 Oct 2019


Have been using for over 1 year. It definitely has helped with forming my cat's stool. Prior to use her stool was extremely loose. My other cat prefers this food to his own but too expensive for his daily food.
31 Oct 2019

My cat loves it and it works!

When I adopted my cat at 10, it became obvious he had a chronic issue with constipation. I’ve tried everything to switch him to a wet food diet and to drink more water but he is finicky and loves his dry food and treats. He’s also a large strong cat so administering pills etc is an issue. My vet prescribed this food and it worked like a charm. Now we joke that a 100-lb dog or bear broke into the house and used the litter box because that’s how good he now goes. And he loves this stuff, which makes it all the better. Best part is it’s safe for all the cats in the house so I can continue to free feed and now they all enjoy it. Highly recommend.
30 Oct 2019

Great features.

I have been using this product for more than five years with excellent results. My two cats love the flavor and their gastrointestinal systems are in excellent shape. Both cats have lovely soft and smooth coats.
30 Oct 2019

An amazing food!

My Persian suffers with terrible issues with severe constipation. This food was recommended as a solution and it is an amazing product! My cat no longer suffers from any GI issues! In fact my other cats love the taste of this food too. I highly recommend this food, it is amazing!
30 Oct 2019

Great Food for Cats

I am feeding my cat with that food for almost two years, and all constipation problems disappeared! She is eating some Royal Canin wet food as well, but Royal Canin dry food is her favorite.
30 Oct 2019

Worked Like Magic

My new cat, Simba, was only two and had to be expressed for urine AND had (has) no intestinal capabilities. He had to go for frequent expensive vet visits to get unclogged. With Fiber Responsive he can "go" pretty much on his own and is so proud of himself! There's a bowl down now. My "regular" cats love it, too!
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