Understanding man's best friends: 8 popular dog breeds you should know

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Dog owners can never get bored of seeing their furry babies welcoming them at the door with wagging tails. Dogs are known to be outgoing and friendly, who never hide their love and feelings, be it happy, angry or depressed.

Yet, every dog is special with different habits, preferences and tempers. You must understand their nature to tailor your way of building the relationship with them. This time we are going to introduce 8 popular dog breeds across all sizes, as well as their personalities!


Poodles come in three sizes, Standard, Miniature and Toy. They are energetic and friendly, and enjoy playing with kids. They are among the smartest dog breeds (rank second only to Border Collies); they can handle difficult commands and also complex games like hide and seek. Seeing themselves as a part of the family, poodles hate to be neglected. If they are left at home for too long, they tend to lose temper easily and be naughty in order to protest.

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Despite the petite, rounded and cute appearance, Pomeranians are known to be feisty and bold like large dogs. They are also defensive who bark sharp and loud. Since they are extremely sensitive to the environment, they can be capable watch dogs. Yet, if they cross the line, they tend to be paranoid and bark incessantly. What’s more, Pomeranians are energetic and hyperactive. They love being busy and are willing to learn new tricks to make their owners happy. 

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Labrador Retriever 

As the most popular dog breeds in America, Labrador Retrievers have warm and lovely smiles. They are easy-going, outgoing and high-spirited; they can easily open everyone’s heart and create strong bonds with their owners. Born to be socially active, they can quickly fit in and get along with neighbours and other pets. They need a high level of physical activity to burn their energy. They are known to enjoy exercises including swimming, throwing and catching, or just running around. 

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Being an ancient dog breed from Japan, Shibas are lean and small. They are confident, attentive, loyal and active. As they are born playful and curious, they love to butt in and participate in family activities. However, they are always impatient. They don’t love barking but they can be very vocal in expressing their emotions. When they are excited and want your attention, they tend to raise their tone. When you pet them, they tend to purr like cats. 

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Shih Tzus

Originating in China, Shih Tzus has won the royal hearts with dark eyes and winning faces. Instead of hunting, chasing and defending, they are born to be charming and cute so as to win their owners’ hearts. To Shih Tzus, nothing makes them happier than sitting on their owners’ laps and getting attention. They are super friendly and can make friends with strangers quickly. They are also not so active, which makes them suitable for urban families.

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French Bulldogs

Face wrinkles and eyebrows are the iconic features of French Bulldogs. Despite their fierce looks, they are actually affectionate, loving and patient, even when playing with rude kids. They are usually calm but they also love cuddling or curling up on their owners’ laps. Since their short noses make them hard to breathe, they prefer brisk walks instead of running. Suitable to live in houses, with or without a small backyard can also do. 

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Golden Retriever

Being tireless and passionate, Golden Retrievers are the best helpers for hunting and outdoor working, not to mention leading blind people, searching and rescuing. Though they look cute and innocent, they are in fact intelligent and helpful who seek chances to be assigned with missions like taking the newspapers or waking up kids for satisfaction. They are outgoing and love outdoor activities. Adult Golden Retrievers are still childlike, always being agile and high-spirited.

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Having big teary eyes and petite sizes, Chihuahuas are smart, agile and charming. Being praised as “the smallest watch dogs in the world”, they have the “large dog” attitude - wise and alert. Chihuahuas have their own distinct temperament, and can act dominant. The lack of commands and training can make them bullies at home. However, they can be very needy and loyal at the same time, such as following their owners around the house. 

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It’s not hard to conclude that the preferences and personalities of each dog breed are different. That’s why Royal Canin has launched the Tailored Dog Nutrition Series according to dogs’ personalities, features and jaw structures. Nevertheless, don’t ever try to label your dogs by breeds. Spend more time to interact with your pets, that’s the only way you can understand their uniqueness.

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