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Thank you for considering Royal Canin as part of your portfolio in your soon-to-open pet shop. It must be known that pet owners go to specialist stores to find something different from a grocery store. They want quality, a broad and specialized range that gives their pet the best. They also want   advice— and this is what will separate you from other points of sales.

To stand out, Royal Canin is here to provide you ranges and products’ distinctiveness and retailer expertise through ROYAL CANIN expertise.

Informed by Royal Canin’s knowledge, research, science, this statement has paved the way naturally to Health Nutrition, establishing it as the brand’s territory. Nothing could be more natural for those who constantly strive to continually improve the health and well being of dogs and cats!

Health Nutrition visibly benefits the animal’s condition. It also represents the  establishment of the well-being of their lives ahead. Associating nutrition with health objectives for dogs and cats is an increasingly acknowledged and accepted principle. But Health Nutrition, so much more than just a passing fad, is firmly based on scientific facts, constantly fed by new knowledge. The promise of living better and for longer benefits from growing support in the modern-day world.

In order to support you faster, here are the list of requirements which you need to submit to Royal Canin so we can process your application.


  • DTI Permit or SEC Certificate of Registration
  • Mayor's Business Permit
  • BIR Certificate of Registration or Form 2303
  • Photo of the establishment (inside and outside)

Once you have all the requirements ready, kindly email them to the sales associate assigned to your area. You will find their contact details below.


Metro Manila Central

[email protected] | +63917 712 5321

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Metro Manila North

[email protected] | +63917 872 2646

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Metro Manila South

[email protected] | +63917 708 7358

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South Luzon

[email protected] | +63917 708 7358

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North Luzon

[email protected] | +63917 865 4827

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[email protected] | +63917 590 5840

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[email protected] | +63917 621 2813

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Talk to us

For other business questions and concerns, please contact us using the details below.

Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM GMT +8

Phone: +632 8297 87 01
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