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In a time of crisis, everyone has to temporarily pause their efforts and operations. Whether there is a pandemic or not, a lockdown being implemented or not, the biggest role a pet owner can portray is to be a good master to their pets. For them, the love and nurture they give to their pets is the most important course of action they had to represent. In this modern era, and with the help of E-commerce, shopping online can now be attained.

In this article, we would like to break down the points, advantages, and benefits of Royal Canin’s “online store” strategy. 

Royal Canin Philippines has two official, major online stores: one in Lazada, and the other one is in Shopee. If you shop online through these official stores, you can determine the benefits of buying the products from an authentic store, compared to a reseller. Let’s discuss one by one the advantages you can get if you purchase from our official online shops.

1. You will get the genuine product
• A pet owner would be able to receive the 100% authentic and original product, straight from Royal Canin’s manufacturer. There will be no repacks that can jeopardize the equality of the product itself. In addition for credibility purposes, we are a member of the Lazmall and Shopee Mart.

2. You will be receiving special deals
• This is exclusively for Royal Canin online shoppers. We will be offering you discounts during Mega events, from 10% all the way up to 50% OFF in selected items.

3. Fast Delivery will be guaranteed
• Our fixed delivery period can be guaranteed in 2 to 5 days time. It is already proven to be quick, accessible, and reliable. Our delivery also ensures our customers that the ordered packages will be given at your doorstep in its best condition, prior to not having any damages or dents at all.

4. We will have our chat support team assist you
• The headline embodies the message just how you read it. We have a chat support team, and they would be active online for 24/7 to further assist you with your inquiries, suggestions, and concerns.

5. Free, exclusive goodies from Royal Canin!
• Once you browse through our online stores, limited and exclusive goodies/items will be available for you to choose from. Remember, these items are ONLY available online for FREE. You read it right! FREE.

Normal ways of shopping can be exhausting and tiring. Through the magic of these online store applications, you’re just one click away from purchasing your desired Royal Canin products. No need for you to go through all that hassle Metro Manila traffic, no need to use your energy in walking and window shopping to several retail pet stores. Just remember to read the terms and conditions before of the online stores and understand the situation first, before confirming and purchasing your orders.

Wondering where to buy? Click this link to know more. Happy shopping, pet owners!