Royal Canins Veterinary Dental Diets Product Launch

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With 70% of cats and 85% of dogs over 3 years old affected by Periodontal Disease, it is one of the most commonly diagnosed dental diseases affecting pets. If left unmanaged, periodontal diseases can lead to numerous health risks.

In their commitment to providing Veterinary partners best in class product and education, on June 24th Royal Canin Philippines officially launched its Dental Diets line in an exclusive online Webinar for the local Veterinary Community. 

Hosted by Royal Canin, over 100 veterinarians got the chance to hear from  esteemed local and international Veterinary guest speakers. Dr. Ryan Yandug III discussed the history of Veterinary Dentistry and the opportunities for Vets to advance their dental knowledge. Dr. Edgardo Unson described the importance of Oral Hygiene for pets, and Dr. Emma Mariño gave a very comprehensive walkthrough of basic and advanced dentistry procedures. Completing the roster of experts, Dr. David Clarke,  a registered Specialist in Veterinary Dentistry and Small Animal Oral Surgery in Hallam, Victoria, Australia, also joined the webinar.  Dr Clarke walked the local veterinarian community through his 10 Steps to Scale Like A Professional and Improve Dental Service in their clinics presentation.

To emphasize the importance of dietary management for pets with periodontal disease, Royal Canin’s Scientific Communication Manager, Dr Po-An Buiser discussed the new Royal Canin Dental Diets, and it’s proven formula in reducing plaque and tartar formation by up to 55% when compared to feeding a standard dry diet. 

Royal Canin Dental Diets are designed to promote good oral and dental hygiene for both cats and dogs. The special kibbles help to mechanically remove dental plaque and tartar. The abrasive texture of the kibbles scrubs each tooth, gently working away plaque and tartar.

To learn more about our Dental Diet line, please visit these links for Dental Dog, Dental Special Small Dog, and Dental Cat. 

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