How to prepare for your kitten’s first vet visit

Learn how to create a great experience for you and your kitten on your first visit to the vet

Ginger kitten in a veterinary clinic being examined
Kitten on an examination table being observed by a vet

The importance of your first visit to the vet

It’s important to take your kitten to the vet soon after they come home with you. It’s a great chance to learn more about their health and how to care for them. And it’s worth getting prepared so you get the most out of it and your kitten has a positive experience.

Kitten being held by a vet

When to take your kitten to the vet

Every kitten is different, and some may need to see the vet more than others. After their important first appointment at around two months old, your kitten must complete their vaccination programme with the vet. They’ll then need appointments at least yearly for a check-up and booster vaccinations. Always contact your vet if you’re at all concerned about your kitten’s health and wellbeing.

Bengal kitten crouching in black and white

Find a vet

It's important to have identified a local vet before collecting your kitten. Find a vet near you.

Norwegian Forest Cat kittens sat together in black and white

Understanding your kitten's health

It's important to understand your kitten's routines and behaviour, so you can quickly recognise the signs if something isn't right. It's also important to understand a few key milestones, such as vaccinations and booster injections.