Mini Light Weight Care

Mini Light Weight Care

Dry Food For Dog

Complete feed for dogs - For adult and mature small breed dogs (from 1 to 10 kg) - Over 10 months old - Dogs with a tendency to gain weight.

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Proven results

88% of slightly overweight dogs fed with Royal Canin Mini Light Weight Care achieved healthier weight in 8 weeks” *Royal Canin internal study.

Weight Management Program

1. Providing complete & balanced nutrition across both our wet & dry formulas, enabling you to choose the perfect combination for your dog. 2. Get your dog active with walks, games in the park, or play at home. 3. Reward him with kibbles taken from his meal allowance, instead of snacks. 4. If you have any questions or concerns about your dog''s health, please contact your veterinarian.

For dogs prone to weight gain

Adapted protein content to help maintain muscle mass for healthy weight maintenance. Enriched with L-carnitine.

Proven results 1

88% achieved healthier weight *Royal Canin internal study.

Precise formula

Hunger-satisfying nutrition with a rich taste, formulated to help keep him fit.


ROYAL CANIN® Mini Light Weight Care is a complete and balanced diet formulated for small dogs prone to weight gain. This recipe contains high quality, easily digestible proteins, helping your dog to maintain a healthy and lean muscle mass while also balancing fat and calories. ROYAL CANIN® Mini Light Weight Care also helps to regulate your dog’s appetite, thanks to the inclusion of soluble and insoluble fibres that help your dog to feel full after eating. ROYAL CANIN® Mini Light Weight Care provides balanced nutrition to help keep your dog fit, while its rich taste helps to satisfy their appetite. When tested in a Royal Canin internal study, 88% of slightly overweight dogs achieved a healthier weight after just 8 weeks of eating ROYAL CANIN® Mini Light Weight Care. To cater to each dog’s individual appetite, ROYAL CANIN® Light Weight Care is also available as a wet food product for dogs of all sizes, with a loaf-like texture. If your dog enjoys a diet of wet and dry food, be sure to check the on-pack feeding guide to make sure they get the ideal amount of each.

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