Thriving People

Nearly 2.2 billion people live below USD $2 a day, with almost 21 million adults and 85 million children engaged in forced labour.

Furthermore, an estimated 200 million smallholder farmers are producing food within the world's supply chains and many of them live in poverty. Our goal is to harness our power by collaborating to create value in communities where we operate.

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Partnering with young vets

In many emerging markets there are usually too few veterinary clinics in relation to the growing pet population. Therefore, we want to support young veterinary students in their journey to become practitioners by providing them capabilities to operate and run their own clinics. We've already conducted a successful pilot test in Indonesia in 2018 and now want to expand to other geographies.

Improving working life

At Royal Canin we aim to improve the working life of small holders in our value chain through income and human rights by 2025. Our goal is for everyone working within our extended supply chains to earn a sufficient income to maintain a decent standard of living. Although our relationship with smallholder farmers is rarely direct, we recognise their importance for our business. We’re especially focused on helping the current generation of smallholder farmers to prosper, while also ensuring that the next generation is motivated to stay connected to farming as a profession that allows them to thrive.

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Healthy planet

Guided by science and innovation, our goal as a business is to waste less today for a better world tomorrow.

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Nourishing wellbeing

Nourishing wellbeing helps us drive our central purpose of health nutrition, with our partners, to make a better world for pets.

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