Babydog Milk

Babydog Milk

Makanan Bubuk untuk Anjing

Susu pengganti lengkap - untuk anak anjing dari lahir hingga sapih (0-2 bulan).

Ukuran yang tersedia

1 x 2kg

Added DHA

After birth, the dog's nervous system continues to develop, and DHA, which is closest to breast milk, helps cognitive development.


Babydog milk contains carefully selected ultra-digestible proteins, and has a lactose content very close to that of maternal milk. It is particularly suitable for the puppy’s digestive system, because it does not contain starch (very young puppies don’t secrete enough enzyme to digest starch). The puppy’s intestinal flora develops gradually over several weeks. The addition of prebiotics (FOS) contributes to supporting digestive health.

Harmonious growth

The nutrition closest to breast milk lays the foundation for stable and healthy growth.

Instant milk

Dissolves quickly and completely without precipitation, creating a homogeneous solution. (For brewing instructions, please refer to the product user guide)

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