American Curl

American Curls are gentle, easy-going and loving cats who settle into any household, adapting easily to life with other pets or children in the home.
American curl adult black and white

About the American Curl

American Curls like people, they are friendly and have well-balanced behaviour. They are very intelligent and playful. It’s important that their owner has time to give them attention, as this breed doesn't enjoy being left out of the activity of the household.

They have quiet voices and are not overly vocal, however, they make their wants known with gentle trilling and cooing sounds. Their kitten-like personality lasts well throughout adulthood.

Fonte: factos e características fundamentais obtidos do World Cat Congress (WCC)

Especificidades da raça

País: Estados Unidos
Pelagem: Pelagem curta
Categoria de porte: Médio
Esperança média de vida: 15-20 anos
Amigável / Amoroso / Sociável / Calmo / Inteligente / Brincalhão

Informações chave

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