Bulldog adult sitting in black and white


Bulldogs are lively, loyal and affectionate.

About the Bulldog

Ils donnent une impression de détermination, de force et d’activité, avec une personnalité pleine de vie, audacieuse, fidèle et courageuse. Despite their somewhat severe appearance, the Bulldog is very affectionate with those it is close to.

In addition to some distinctive characteristics, Bulldogs really distinguish themselves with their especially heavy and constrained gait. Ils semblent faire des pas courts et rapides sur le bout des pattes, sans que leurs pattes arrière se soulèvent de terre.

Source : Faits et caractéristiques essentiels issus de la Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI)

Particularités de la race

FCI Groupe 2, Groupe AKC non sportif
Catégorie de taille
Espérance de vie moyenne
8–12 ans

Affectueux / Résolu / Plein de vie / Alerte / Confiant / Fidèle

Faits essentiels

  • Nécessite un minimum de toilettage
  • A besoin de peu d’exercice
  • A besoin d’un long dressage
Breed origins illustration

Origins of the breed

The Bulldog was first classified as a breed in the 1630s, and originally used for bull-baiting. Although there is earlier mention of similar types referred to as bandogs, a term reserved today for a type of fighting dog. 

The Club in the U.K. was established in 1875, taking responsibility for the future of a breed regarded as an icon in its homeland. One of the oldest indigenous breeds, the Bulldog is known as the national dog of Great Britain.