Celebrating International Guide Dogs Day

Celebrating International Guide Dogs Day

Some of you may remember Robin - the adorable guide dog in training! He's been with trainer Colin for a while now, and we wanted to share an update on his progress with you! We caught up with Colin and here's what he had to say... One of the most significant changes in Robin’s training has been to stop and stand at road crossings rather than simply continuing across (if it’s clear), and he has been doing very well.

Because we haven’t been able to use public transport, Robin has been practicing laying under my legs at benches and bus stops while out on our walks around the city. The added benefit has also been the opportunity to ask him ‘bench’ or ‘bus stop’ and he takes the responsibility to find them. He’s a natural.

Of course we have also been unable to eat indoors at cafes, so I have been using his blanket by me at benches with cafe take-out instead, so that he can sit practice ‘bed’ while I’m eating. To which he has adapted very well.

He continues to have his free-runs and his recall has improved, particularly when other dogs are around to distract & play chase with.

Over the winter, the shorter daylight hours have coincided with Robin having longer walks as he reached a year old and so evening walks in the dark has been a change for him. Getting used to the shadows, people appearing different, etc…. and again he has taken all this in his stride.

A sleeping arrangement change we made for Robin, was to move his bed onto the landing (an alcove outside our bedroom door) as we continued to have an issue with him nibbling the edge of the living room rugs. It wasn’t practical to keep removing the rugs every night, so we removed Robin from the rugs. He has been very happy with the new arrangement and in the morning can hear him stretching out across the landing to put his paws against the door, just to let us know he’s ready for his breakfast.

He has suddenly decided that he is not going to poop at home in the morning before we go out for a walk and so we now have a routine of walking up & down the street (100m or so) a couple of time so that he will use the small front garden area. Dogs!!

He is very keen to jump into the car boot and likes to sit up watching out of the back window, unlike Mr P who has to be enticed in with me sat in there first (and still sometimes refuses).

Hopefully we will be able to do more now the world is opening back up again.


Colin & Robin GDP

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