Pill Assist

Ensure a successful pill intake in 91% of cases* using new Pill Assist Cat from Royal Canin.
Royal Canin has launched Pill Assist Cat - an easy-to-use treat that makes it easy for owners to give their cats the medication they need.

Each Pill Assist Cat contains just three calories, yet it is highly palatable with over 91% pill acceptance* and is enriched with vitamins and prebiotics to further support the cat’s recovery.

Elisabete Capitao, Royal Canin Veterinary Marketing Manager said, “We know that getting cats to take pills can be quite a challenge even for the most experienced pet owners! A quarter of owners leave the veterinary clinic with oral medication for their cat, but 40% find giving pills to their cat complicated. Pill Assist Cat makes giving cats medication easy and takes the stress out of pill time.”

Pill Assist Cat is suitable for most types of medication, from worming tablets to medication for an illness.

Pill Assist Cat won the 2019 Cat Friendly award from the worldwide charity International Cat Care, which recognised the difference the product has made to cat wellbeing and welfare.

Last year, Royal Canin released Pill Assist for dogs which is available in two sizes to suit small dogs and medium or large dogs.  All the Pill Assist products are available from veterinary practices.

*Royal Canin internal study 2019

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