Royal Canin launch Vital Support range to support pets’ renal, mobility and heart function

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Royal Canin is launching Vital Support, which offers tailored nutritional solutions to help support pets’ renal, mobility and heart function. The launch includes formula improvements, pack size changes and new nutritional solutions. Vital Support is the fifth territory to launch from Royal Canin’s Veterinary Health Nutrition range.


Cats and dogs with chronic kidney disease can be prone to food aversion. Royal Canin renal diets are extremely palatable and offer a range of different aromatic and texture options. The Vital Support launch includes a new Feline Renal Multipack to support cats affected by a loss of appetite. The multipack contains four wet pouches with different aromatic profiles that can help stimulate decreased appetite and deliver optimum food acceptance and compliance. These packs will be available from October 2020.

Royal Canin has also introduced new Early Renal diets to help support the kidneys at early stages of renal insufficiency. Following the addition of Feline Early Renal diets, Royal Canin will be discontinuing its Feline VCN Senior Consult Stage 2 diets.


New Small Dog products

Dogs start ageing at different times in their life, depending upon their size and breed, and it’s important that ageing dogs are supported with a diet that is specific to meet their individual needs. Royal Canin is therefore introducing two new nutritional solutions for small dogs. The Renal Small Dogs diet helps to support small breed dogs in the more advanced stages of chronic renal insufficiency, whilst the Mobility C2P+ Small Dogs diet has been formulated to support healthy joint function. In order to further support small breed dogs, both diets have a specially adapted kibble size.

Sustainably sourced ingredients

Royal Canin has changed the fish source in its renal wet pouches to 100% sustainably sourced salmon. These are now named Feline Renal with Fish. In diets that contain glucosamine - a nutrient to support healthy joint function - this is now from vegetable sources instead of shellfish. The new ingredients provide the same nutritional benefits and high palatability as before, but limit the impact on the seafood supply chain.

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