Appetite Control Care Thin Slices In Gravy

Appetite Control Care Thin Slices In Gravy

Wet food for Cat

Balanced and complete feed for adult cats - Recommended to help control begging behaviour

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1 x 85g

12 x 85g

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Once neutered, you may notice your cat begging for food in between mealtimes, or possibly gaining excess weight. With the right nutritional support, your cat's hunger can be satisfied, and their optimal body weight can be maintained. ROYAL CANIN® Appetite Control Care in Gravy is a specially crafted diet for neutered adult cats that helps to control begging behaviour and helps to limit excess weight gain. To regulate your cat's hunger and stimulate the feeling of comfortable fullness, ROYAL CANIN® Appetite Control Care in Gravy has a specific moisture content to satisfy the appetite of cats with a tendency to beg for food. Cats that beg for food between meals have a tendency to gain excess weight. To help limit excess weight gain, ROYAL CANIN® Appetite Control Care in Gravy is crafted with a moderate fat content and a precise energy content to help your cat stay fit. This formula also contains L-Carnitine, a nutrient that helps with healthy fat metabolism. ROYAL CANIN® Appetite Control Care boasts scientifically proven results. When tested in a Royal Canin internal study, more than 90% of participating cat owners reported that their cat's begging behaviour was controlled after only 4 weeks of eating this food. To appeal to each cat's appetite, ROYAL CANIN® Appetite Control Care also comes in two different wet food textures: Jelly and Loaf. It is also available as dry food with crunchy kibble. If your cat enjoys a combination of wet and dry food, be sure to follow the on-pack feeding guide to make sure you serve the optimal amount of each. Each nutritionally complete recipe in the ROYAL CANIN® Appetite Control range for cats is tailor-made to help support your cat's health and wellbeing by meeting and managing its unique nutritional needs.

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