Renal Loaf

Renal Loaf

Wet food for Cat

Complete dietetic feed for adult cats

Sizes available

1 x 85g

12 x 85g

What is the right portion?


This product is a veterinary exclusive formula. Ask your veterinarian to see if it’s the right product for your pet.

Renal support

Formulated with low phosphorus and moderate protein of high quality to support renal function.

Adapted energy

Adapted energy content to reduce meal volume and help support a reduced appetite.

Aromatic choice

A specific aromatic profile with a dedicated texture to help stimulate the cat’s appetite, particularly in cases of food aversion.


Certain nutrients can help to support cats with Chronic Renal Insufficiency, which is why the diet you choose for your cat is key for supporting their overall health and wellbeing. ROYAL CANIN® Renal is a wet food product that is specifically tailored to support adult cats with Chronic Renal Insufficiency. When cats' kidneys are not functioning efficiently, that often means that phosphorus cannot effectively be filtered from the blood stream. ROYAL CANIN® Renal provides a low phosphorus content and a number of high-quality proteins to help support kidney health and function. Cats with kidney disease may have a reduced appetite or experience food aversion. ROYAL CANIN® Renal has an adapted energy content which helps to reduce the volume of your cat's meal, ultimately supporting their reduced appetite. To further support your cat's reduced appetite, ROYAL CANIN® Renal contains a specific aromatic profile to appeal to your cat's individual preferences and help to stimulate their appetite. To cater to each cat's individual preferences, ROYAL CANIN® Renal comes in a variety of formulations: beef, fish, and chicken. It is also available as a dry food product with tailor-made kibble. If your cat enjoys a mixed diet of wet and dry food, be sure to reference the on-pack feeding guides to ensure a healthy daily food intake for your cat. ROYAL CANIN® Renal Veterinary diets for cats are formulated to help support cats with Chronic Renal Insufficiency. Each formula in the ROYAL CANIN® Renal Support range contains specific nutrients to provide your cat with a complete and balanced diet.

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