Dry food for Dog

Complementary feed for puppies and adult dogs.

Sizes available


30 x 50g

What is the right portion?

Low calorie (less than 3Kcal/Unit)

Educ combines a limited calorie intake (less than 3 kcal/unit) and optimal palatability for use during your training sessions with your puppy or adult dog.

Vitamin complex

Contains reinforced levels of vitamins E and C, nutrients which help support cellular function.


ROYAL CANIN® Educ is a canine nutritional supplement used for positive reinforcement during training sessions with your dog. This product is suitable for adult dogs and puppies over 2 months old. ROYAL CANIN® Educ is a low-calorie alternative to conventional treats and contain less than 3 kcal/unit. ROYAL CANIN® Educ rewards are highly palatable and contain vitamins E and C to help support healthy cellular function. Be sure to reference the on-pack feeding guide to find out your dog's recommended daily intake.