Sterilised Loaf

Sterilised Loaf

Wet food for Dog

Complete feed for dogs - For neutered adult dogs over 10 months old - Dogs with tendency to gain weight.

Sizes available

1 x 85g

12 x 85g

What is the right portion?

Maintaining ideal weight

Helps maintaining ideal weight of sterilised dogs through a 10% reduction in calories.

For neutered adult dogs

After sterilisation, your dog’s metabolism slows down. Even if he is still happy at home, he is burning less energy, and you may notice that he’s hungrier than before. Keeping him trim is now key.

Canine care nutrition programme

Providing a healthy & balanced nutrition with the perfect combination of our dry & wet formulas.


After sterilisation, you may find that your adult dog gains excess weight due to a slower metabolism. What's more, your dog may still feel hungry between mealtimes, despite expending less energy throughout the day. The right diet should contain nutrients that help to support healthy weight management and maintain your dog's muscle mass. ROYAL CANIN® Sterilised Care Loaf is specially formulated with the dietary needs of neutered adult dogs in mind. This complete and balanced wet food product is suitable for adult dogs of all shapes and sizes and is enriched with nutrients that help to support the health and wellbeing of neutered dogs like yours. This exclusive formula provides the ideal balance of high-quality nutrients and is created with a 10% calorie content reduction to help your dog maintain the ideal body weight for their specific breed type. It also contributes towards helping your dog maintain a good muscle mass, keeping them healthy and trim. What's more, this product's specially tailored nutritional profile helps your dog feel full and satiated between mealtimes, while also helping to facilitate good digestion. In addition to diet, keeping your dog active with regular walks and playful games also helps your dog stay in good shape. This wet pâté loaf is available in multipacks of 85g pouches. To cater to each dog's preference, ROYAL CANIN® Sterilised is also available as dry food with crunchy kibble. If your dog enjoys a mixed diet of both wet and dry food, be sure to check the on-pack feeding guide to make sure your dog benefits from the right amount of each. At ROYAL CANIN®, everything we do is driven by our passion for pet health. Our Canine Care Nutrition range is the result of decades of advanced scientific research into developing tasty canine nutrition that also supports your dog's health.

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