Urinary Care Loaf

Urinary Care Loaf

Wet food for Dog

Complete feed for dogs - For adult dogs over 10 months old - Dogs prone to urinary sensitivities.

Sizes available

1 x 85g

What is the right portion?

Precise formula

Precisely balanced nutritional formula to help keep urine diluted and support a balanced urinary mineral content.

For dogs prone to urinary sensitivities

For many reasons such as insufficient water intake, your dog’s urine can become too concentrated. When certain minerals are present at high levels, urinary crystals can form. Nutrition can play a role in helping maintain a healthy mineral balance.

Canine Care Nutrition programme

Providing a healthy & balanced nutrition with the perfect combination of our dry & wet formulas.


Urinary issues are common among dogs and can range from bacterial infections to urinary crystals or stones. Urinary sensitivities like these can be quite uncomfortable for your dog and it is recommended that if you have any concerns regarding urinary health that you seek the advice of your vet. If your dog has a tendency towards urinary sensitivities, a special diet that contains specific nutrients can help to support good urinary health in your dog. ROYAL CANIN® Urinary Care Loaf is exclusively formulated to support dogs with urinary sensitivities, while also providing them with complete and balanced nutrition. This product is suitable for adult dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes. The high moisture content in this highly palatable pâté loaf encourages your dog to urinate more frequently, which helps to support the health of your dog's urinary tract. What's more, this precisely balanced nutritional formula also helps to support a balanced mineral content. To further support your dog's urinary health, you should always make sure that your dog has constant access to fresh, clean water and it is important that you refresh their water every day for optimal palatability. Be sure to refill the water bowl whenever it looks like it's running low. This tasty wet food comes in multipacks of 85g pouches. To cater to each dog's preferences, ROYAL CANIN® Urinary Care is also available as dry food with crunchy and highly palatable kibble that helps to encourage your dog to drink more water. If you feed your dog a mix of both wet and dry food, be sure to check the on-pack feeding guidelines first to make sure that your dog gets the ideal amount of each. At ROYAL CANIN®, everything we do is driven by our passion for pet health. Our Canine Care Nutrition range is the result of decades of advanced scientific research into developing tasty canine nutrition that also supports your dog's health.

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