Coat health

Contains nutrients which help maintain the health of the Poodle’s woolly coat.

Muscle tone

Helps maintain the Poodle’s muscle tone.

Appetite stimulation

Helps stimulate the Poodle’s appetite.

Adapted texture

Adapted texture

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ערכים תזונתיים:  חלבון 9%, שומן 5.8%, לחות 78.5%, אפר גולמי 2%, סיבים גולמיים 1.2%  אנרגיה מטבולית: 1032 קק"ל/ק"ג
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פאוצ'ים (85 גרם ליחידה)23+1/25

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Bella Rosa
30 אוק 2019

Many great things to say about this food!

My poodle loves this food and she is very picky but with this she runs to her bowl to eat! She never has stomach problems when eating this brand and with this food in a can it’s simple to store and fix in minutes! I would Highly recommend this for poodles and trust you’ll be as happy as we are! Enjoy.
24 אוק 2019

Tia loves it!

Tia, our 14 year old toy poodle came to us 3 years ago when her Mom was battling cancer and could no longer care for her. Tia’s teeth were bad and all but 6 fell out in her first dental. Dr. Carter said they were just held in by the tartar. With so few teeth, she needed a soft nutritious food. After trying a number of premium foods, I recalled seeing the Royal Canin breed specifics and Royal Canin was considered the best by my vets. It’s the only dog food she eats and she loves it.
01 נוב 2018

Great stuff

My pups have been on royal canine since I’ve had the at 8 weeks they are King Charles and they love it!!!
Brandi Dog
31 אוק 2018

Brandi Adores This Food!

My fussy little dog adores this food. It's the ONLY canned food she will eat, and she gobbles it as soon as the can is opened. Whatever is in dog LOVES it
Michelle 1777
28 אפר 2018

Poodle Wet Food

Roxy loves this food. Cost is a factor in why we supplement it vs unanimously feed her this. Wish we receive a break in the cost.
08 ינו 2018

The Good and the Bad...

DOG: 11lb poodle, adult The GOOD: The dog loves it, and it has a great rating on Dog Food Advisor as a decent, nutritious canned dog food. I wish I could feed him only the canned food; however.... The BAD: Extremely expensive food. Even for a low-activity dog at 11 lbs, I'd have to feed him 3 1/2 cans a day. The box holds 4 cans and the price at Pet Smart is about 8 bucks a box. Online I can get it for about 6 bucks a box. But still...if you do the math: 3.5 x 7 divided by 4 = 6.125 (or 7) boxes a week... times 6 equals $42.00 a week to feed an 11 lb poodle, with a couple of cans left over. Yes, you can try to get your dog to eat the dry food and just supplement with the canned. But my dog isn't crazy about the dry food, and the quality of RC dry food isn't nearly as good as the canned food, at least according to Dog Food Advisor, if you take them seriously. I have mixed emotions about DFA; I think they're over the top on their "go back to the wild, your dog is a wolf" baloney. Our dogs have been domesticated for 1000s of years and their diets have changed radically since their wild days. Not to mention the fact that wild dogs/wolfs have nutritional issues and are rarely completely healthy in the wild as hunter/scavengers. However, DFA has made one good point: too many dog food products out there are garbage with little regulation/oversight/quality control. I give Chancie 1 can a day and the rest is the dry food, in order to keep costs down. I wish that Royal Canin produced a higher meat-content, less filler dry food with higher fiber grains for poodles. Their dry food currently is mostly corn. Regardless, though, my dog doesn't care for dry food, anyway, but decent canned food generally costs a fortune.
03 מאי 2017

Like it

My poodle was very sick and had to have 2 teeth pulled and would not eat until I got this food. She loves it.
02 מאי 2017

special treat

She loves this treat! We only give to her once a week.
26 מאי 2016

Small lap dog toy poodle

I bought this for my new adopted toy poodle because I purchased the Royal Canine Dachshund for 11 years and I only wanted the best for this little guy, also because it is formulated for his digestive system, and he loves it, and that makes me very happy.
09 מאי 2016

Paris looks great and acts wonderful!

We are thrilled with Royal Canin Poodle. Paris has never looked so good in her life. We have used it for a few months now. She just has that I'm healthy look. You just know it. We would really love to win this much food because it is kinda pricey. It is well worth it though. Thanks