SENSORY™: More than just a meal, an experience for cats

Have you ever wondered how your cat experiences the world? A cat’s senses are their gateway to the world. How those senses are stimulated ultimately determines how your cat feels. That means, mealtime and nutrition are important for their overall health. Keep reading to learn how you can offer your cat a better sensory experience and help to improve their well-being every day.

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Understanding a cat's super senses

Felines are unique for many reasons, but the distinct nature of their senses is key to understanding how to enhance their well-being. Consider this: a feline’s sense of smell is 14 times more powerful than for humans. However, with only 470 taste buds (compared to over 9,000 in humans!), their sense of taste isn’t the strongest. These are but a few sensorial particularities among cats that have been overlooked in pet nutrition, despite the great impact of the senses on their food preferences.

Until now.

Using our feline expertise and the latest research on cat food palatability, Royal Canin® has created an entire wet range specifically designed to stimulate cats’ unique senses. Discover the three different products tailored to your cat’s smell, taste, and feel, that will offer variation, a sensorially-rich experience, and helps improve their overall improved well-being every day.

Discovering your cat is enjoying their meal

Enhance your cat whisperer capabilities! It’s possible to detect signs of meal approval long before the food reaches your cat’s bowl. Keep an eye on these meal appreciation indicators before, during, and after the meal.

Signs of anticipation


food bowl  Instantly appearing as you’re preparing their food

voice waves  Being vocal by meowing and purring

Cat near human  Soliciting you by weaving around you

cat looking at the window  Reaching up or jumping on the kitchen counter


Signs of enjoyment while eating


Cat relaxed  A relaxed body posture

Cat lips  Licking their lips frequently during the meal

Cat ground A tail at rest, not thrashing against the ground


Signs of enjoyment overall


clean bowl  Your cat's bowl is left spotlessly clean!


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