Health is Fragile

Puppyhood is a stage of massive physical and behavioural changes. Nutrition tailored to their specific developmental needs can help them grow from fragile young puppies to strong, healthy dogs.

Puppyhood - An amazing transformation

During the first months of life your puppy will go through an amazing transformation. Royal Canin diets offer nutrition tailored to their unique needs at this vital time. 

1. Senses

A puppy’s eyes stay shut until the end of the second week. Their hearing isn’t fully developed until they are eight weeks old. When mature a dog can hear frequencies up to two and a half times higher than human ears.

2. Immunity and defence

In their first six months their immature immune system must help protect them from millions of germs.

3. Healthy bones

In the first year of life your puppy's bones must grow to become four times stronger than concrete.

4. Extraordinary growth

A puppy normally gains 5-10% of its body weight every day for the first two weeks.

Tailored puppy nutrition

ROYAL CANIN® Puppy is tailor-made with the right vitamins and minerals to support a puppy’s healthy development.

A guide to puppyhood

Puppyhood is a hugely rewarding time for pet owners, but it's also a time of huge challenges and steep learning curves, for you and your pet. The information and advice in the following pages has been collected from Royal Canin vets, nutritionalists and partners worldwide, and should help you and your puppy have a healthy start to life together.

Preparing for a puppy

When you bring your puppy home for the first time, it's a huge change for both of you. You can make the process much easier by making a few simple preparations ahead of the big day.

  • Get all the puppy essentials
  • Puppy-proof your home and garden
  • Find a local vet
  • Choose a nutritionally complete puppy food
  • Make sure everyone in the home is prepared
Getting prepared

Puppy growth stages

Understanding the growth stages your puppy goes through will help you recognise the challenges they face, and how to take care of them. Ensuring they get the right nutritional balance in their food is key for a healthy development into adult life.

Health is fragile

The first weeks and months of life are key to giving your puppy the perfect start to life.