Siberian adult in black and white

Siberische Kat

Despite their size, Siberian cats are quite agile and like to jump to high places.

About the Siberian

The Siberian is a lively, intelligent, affectionate cat that is incredibly playful and likes to participate in family activities. They get on well with other cats, dogs and children and need plenty of attention from their family.

These cats can be untrusting of unknown people and don’t like to be stroked or handled by strangers. As a sociable breed, Siberians are not suited to being the only cat in a household.

Bron: belangrijke feiten en kenmerken uit het informatiearsenaal van het World Cat Congress (WCC)


Medium - Middelgrote rassen

Levendig / Intelligent / Speels / Aanhankelijk

Belangrijkste feiten

  • Geschikt voor het leven binnens- en buitenshuis
  • Heeft veel vachtverzorging nodig
  • Gelukkiger in paren