Pill assist Cat

Pill Assist™ Cat

Pill Assist™ Cat has been shown to enable 91% daily acceptance of pills in cats. This simple to use product is specifically developed to support a positive experience for both cat and owner during medication administration.
pill assist cat

Why Pill Assist™ Cat?

How to give a cat a pill can be a big question for pet owners, especially with one in four vet visits leading to a prescription. Medication can be ineffective if not taken properly.

Giving a cat a pill is recognised as a complicated experience for almost 1 in 3 cat owners, with 1 in 6 admitting that they haven't managed to overcome the difficulty this process presents. Of these owners, many often can't fully ensure the treatment has been accepted. Pill Assist™ Cat is an effective solution to help ensure that giving a pill can be a low stress procedure at home, increasing compliance with veterinary recommendation.
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How to use Pill Assist™ Cat?

Pill Assist™ Cat is highly palatable, covering and disguising most types of tablets or capsules, helping to disguise the appearance and smell of the medication and enabling cat owners to fulfil their prescription. Administering medication with the help of Pill Assist™ Cat is a simple, three step process.

Royal Canin Pill Assist™ Cat range

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