Fit And Active Dry Cat Food

Fit And Active Dry Cat Food

Dry food for Cat

Royal Canin Adult Fit & Active Dry Adult Cat Food is tailored nutrition for adult cats with outdoor access that are 1 year and older

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To meet all the requirements of adulthood, cats need nutrition of a high quality. FIT AND ACTIVE is a complete and balanced nutrition that contains the right level of beneficial nutrients to maintain adult cats in good health.


Helps support cellular health with a complex of antioxidants.


The precise calorie content of the FIT AND ACTIVE formula helps maintain the ideal weight of adult cats having higher energy requirements.


Outdoor cats live a life of mystery. When they're away from home, you may not know what they're up to—but you know they're staying active. All that running around makes it hard for them to keep weight on. Plus, spending time outdoors can put stress on your cat’s immune system, leaving them vulnerable to germs. Royal Canin Adult Fit & Active dry cat food is targeted nutrition made for cats with access to the great outdoors to live a long, magnificent life. Tailored calorie levels give them the energy they need to be at a healthy, ideal weight. An exclusive complex of antioxidants helps promote immune health. Try pairing with Royal Canin Adult Instinctive wet cat food formulas for a meal your cat will love.

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