Support Your Pet's Dental Health

The dental health of your cat and dog is as important to us as it is to you. If you don't have a dental care routine then now is the time to start to protect the teeth of your cat and dog.

Taking care of their teeth early on can help protect against dental disease, which is why we've created a number of simple guides to help you navigate dental care and understand the benefits of creating a regular routine.

Could Your Dog Have Dental Disease?

Your dog's teeth need a lot of care and attention from an early age to avoid a build-up of plaque and tartar that could result in dental disease.

Check out our handy guide to understand dental disease in dogs and how you can help support their oral health.

Could Your Cat Have Dental Disease?

Dental disease is a common health issue for cats so it's important to be proactive and support your cat's dental health with regular cleaning and care from an early age.

Read our informative guide to learn more about dental disease and why it's essential to build proactive care into their routine.

Do You Know the Signs of Dental Disease in Dogs?

Many dogs will suffer from dental disease at some point in their life. Learning how to identify the common signs of dental disease can help you make sure your dog is free from pain caused by their teeth.

How to Spot the Signs of Dental Disease in Cats

Dental disease is a common health concern for cats. Read our simple guide to learn how to spot the common signs and how to identify the different stages of dental disease.

7 Dog Teeth Cleaning Tips Every Owner Should Read

Take the challenge out of cleaning your dog’s teeth with our easy guide to dental health and learn how to reduce plaque, tartar, and the risk of dental disease.

Read our easy guide to learn how to brush your dog’s teeth, when you should start, and some alternative methods to brushing.

Brushing Your Cat’s Teeth: A Step-By-Step Guide

Though brushing your cat’s teeth can initially be awkward, it’s important for their health and can make a significant difference to their quality of life. Regularly brushing their teeth can help to remove plaque and prevent a build-up of tartar that can result in dental disease.

Read our handy guide to understand brushing methods and some of the additional dental products that can help support your cat’s oral health.

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